I see where we’re having a candlelight service for the Immigrant Children who’ve died trying to come into the United States! This is sad and we don’t want to see any child die, but where is the outrage when our society murders thousands and thousands of babies every year and we sit back in our plush recliners and do nothing?

I have not seen one Democratic candidate of the horse and pony show come out against abortion (murder, in case you don’t understand), and where is the sympathy for these babies that don’t have a voice?

Folks, we better start looking at what’s happening to the Democratic Party in America. To name just a few things they’re for, that will kill America as we know it!

Abortion, leaving God out of everything, same sex marriage, socialism, free college, free healthcare, $15 minimum wage, Sharia law and the list goes on and on! Remember the Islamist movement said they would eventually take over America without firing a shot? Isn’t this what’s happening?

So, my friends, if you will just look at the facts and read God’s word, most of these things are mentioned in the Bible and are forbidden!

President Trump has already done more good for the U.S. in two years than the last three administrations. Don’t take my word for it, look it up! Full employment, balancing the trade deficit, bringing God back to the Oval Office and appointing judges that will rule by the Constitution and not by the political party. His list of accomplishments goes on and on!

I will be voting for President Trump in 2020 and never again the Democratic party that left me and my principles. I didn’t leave them and I hope you’ll get on the Trump train also! President Trump is not perfect and neither are we!

Alton Owen


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