I want to take this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation to the Rome News-Tribune and especially the church page editor Ross Rogers for helping us get the news out for our 175th Anniversary at Floyd Springs Baptist Church. The church had a record attendance out of the last 20 years and was made alive by beautiful quilts of “yesteryears” draped on the back of every pew, and also a special thanks to the award winning Dixie Jubilee Family Singers from Woodstock that worshiped with us in song.

And now a special thanks and shout-out to Bill and Nancy DeHart for their tireless work and planning in putting it all together. I’m including a note from Nancy posted in our church bulletin.

“Thank you to everybody that pulled together to make our 175th Anniversary Celebration special. I’m sure God was smiling as he saw and heard our joyful praise through music and challenging message. Tim Smith could not have delivered a more challenging message. We must each do our part as we labor together for FSBC to leave a legacy in this community. A special thanks to Sue Kinsey and Janis Rush for putting together our church history booklets, to Sue Kinsey and Amy Anderson for the history museum in the choir room, to Alton Owen for publicity on Facebook and the Rome News, to Bo and Phyllis Bowen for coordinating the kitchen crew, and Janice Dew who guided the decorating ladies. We can’t forget the Hobans, who completed our outside cleaning when they made our steeple look brand new, and Larry Owen who worked on the slide show and always does a great job making everybody sound good, and Steve Duke for capturing the day with his camera. Again, God loves to see his church work together! Let’s keep the excitement going!”

Alton Owen


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