I'm not sure anybody has noticed that for the last few years we have had the Cuban flag next to the American flag in many corners of Broad Street. Whose idea was that? I'm enclosing a picture and see the flags next to each other. I have contacted other people before but nothing has been done. Maybe through the paper that Cuban flag can be taken down. Thanks for your time.

Editor’s note: As they say, close, but no cigar. In photo No. 1, which Mr. Aranda kindly provided, are the Broad Street banners. Photo No. 2 is an image of the Cuban flag. The Cuban flag has a single star on a triangle-shaped field of red. The Broad Street banner has two stars in an odd- shaped square. In researching this question, we found a number of countries use the colors red, white and blue on their flags. Further research indicates the reason for the popularity of these colors for flags in pre-industrialized times was that blue and red dyes were easily obtainable and contrasted nicely with a bleached white cloth background.