Letter to the editor


Summoning voters to recognize what they have in common rather than what divides them takes genuine political courage. Which is why it is rare.

Campaigning by appealing to ignorance, fear and selfishness is always easier. As the present squalor of American politics shows, when voters give into those appeals the worst sort can be elected even to the White House. In the upcoming general election Georgia voters are summoned to stand up for moral decency and working families.

One of the virtues of American federalism is that the states serve as laboratories to test public policy. Abstract ideology makes for pretty rhetoric but effective governing requires serious attention to what actually works in practice. Any honest comparison of the performance of state governments shows that where states have managed to reduce the number of medically uninsured through Medicaid expansion, educate their young people without forcing school teachers into poverty and attract high paying jobs because they reject the sort of arbitrary discrimination that businesses find toxic, other states appear determined to fail. Georgians have seen more than enough of politicians who pander to the worst impulses to conceal their incompetence and corruption.

We should recognize what we can accomplish as Georgians when we too have the political courage to reject the divisiveness and posturing of their opponents and instead demand state government that is accountable and responsive to the needs of working families. The way to do that is to join fellow Georgians in voting for success and against failure.