Letter to the editor

I must address your Oct. 20 guest editorial, "What is a dollar." I am not wealthy, nor am I destitute. However, I do know the value of a dollar.

I recently went to Walmart and the one percent was $1.40, went to Home Depot and the one percent was .73 cents, stopped by a fast food restaurant and the one percent was .23 cents. So we are not talking about a dollar, it is one percent on everything we buy.

I have prescription drug insurance with a $2 co-pay, so the amount listed above would cover my cost for a month supply of one prescription. Thank heaven I could afford my medication, but this could be a problem for some people.

In regard to spending, I agree that we needed a new animal shelter, but the cost was excessive. The tennis center may be great for motels and restaurants, but what about the average taxpayer? We paved trails along the river but I don't see people walking them. I understand there is a request for a boat house and dock. Who is going to pay for the protection needed? What person in their right mind would leave their boat in a public dock?

I agree we should take care of our law enforcers but their equipment should come from the property tax which is now due. Eliminate waste and misappropriations and supply what is needed, including a pay raise they so richly deserve.

Don't be so flippant as to say "What is a dollar." That is like saying "It is only tax money." Bay County, Florida has a six and a half percent total sales tax and the State of Florida has no income tax. Why do Georgia residents have to be so heavily taxed?