On Nov. 11 the Armuchee Ruritan Organization will line Highway 27 through the Armuchee Community with 80 American flags. The club plans on doing so on National Patriotic days. The club will start out small with 80 flags. The intent is to put up as many as funds and donations will supply. The club’s intent is to make it impossible for students to miss the flags and for them to ask questions at home and school.

Why does it matter? As president of the Armuchee club and as a citizen who cares about the country and our children, we wish to challenge organizations to place American flags on all of the major routes to the four high schools. The community organizations can do what others are letting slide. Students must grow up understanding our flag. They need to ask questions. They need to be taught.

Communities and clubs, stand up to the plate and collectively, let’s give Floyd County something to be proud of.

Does it really matter? Yes, to me it is something that seriously does matter!

Terry Williamson


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