Letter to the editor

In the letters to the editor from Steven Watt on Jan. 24 and Beverly Harris on Feb. 2, they are not pleased with the V.A. Clinic in Rome. Thank you, Steven and Beverly, for your letters. There are a lot of veterans in North Georgia who are not happy as well.

Not all the people with the Rome clinic are bad helpers. They have to do what they are told and that might be one of the problems. We know what you went through. The City of Rome and Atlanta V.A. know what is happening in Rome. We have been doing all we can for three years or more. There has been a small group of veterans who have been fighting and asking for help. We have been to Atlanta three or four times for meetings with the directors over the clinics in North Georgia. There have been meetings, phone calls and letters sent to our Congressman and Senators as well as the last Secretary of the V.A. There has been no change, but we are still fighting. The Rome clinic is weak and in bad shape. As bad as it is, we need the clinic in Rome. We have too many veterans who are not able to make the trip to Atlanta and the other clinics that are a far distance away. There are a very large number of veterans in North Georgia, and they need this clinic desperately. We are just asking for help to fix the problems.

Thank you again Steven and Beverly. With people like you on our side, we might find someone to help.