Letter to the editor


I’m so tired of all these political games that are being played by our president and congressmen.

Why can’t they “get it together” for the country?

I’ve just read where the Republicans have promised to slash Medicare and Social Security. Why? Is there anything out there that our country needs right now more than to take care of its older citizens?

Our two senators have begun to be in their latter years also, but they can count on a large pension when they retire, as well as the reduced insurance premiums. Can they at all envision what they would be without these sources of income? Well, if they come to Rome I will show them! I have a small house, Social Security where my health premium has increased and Medicare help is starting to slip! Also, I just became a widow last month and I’m trying to do the best I can with my finances, but all I see are news items about slashing this budget or that budget, taking away safety standards on coal, the EPA and other things that affect our environment.

Gentlemen, I know you are aware of everything I’m saying, so why don’t you do something about it? Me, I cannot. All I can do is implore my state senators to act on my behalf!

Is it so important that you stay with one party even though they might be wrong sometime?

This party thing must mean more to you than the health, safety and welfare of your constituents!

That’s all I can say, because at 75, I can’t very well go and camp on the steps of the Capitol to be heard!

It seems that in the newspapers recently, congressmen at all levels are considered selfish, liars, money-grubber sociopaths.

I hope this is not true of the senators from the great State of Georgia.