Letter to the editor

On Sunday, Nov. 5, an advertisement was placed in the Rome News-Tribune by the Floyd County Republican Party (two days before the election) criticizing a sitting City Commissioner for being a “partisan” Democrat. Am I missing something here? Who could possibly be more “partisan” than Rome’s own Republican Party? The ad gave the readers the names of three candidates that the Republicans support. I would have been ashamed to be selected to have my name printed by a partisan party in a non-partisan election. This effort seems to be an example of “shooting yourself in the foot.”

How really illogical it is for the Floyd County Republican Party to fuss about a Democrat and then turn around and select some candidates for their approval! Furthermore, the issue, if one can call it that, in my opinion, is one of the least important for our city. To choose the alcohol issue for Broad Street really insults the effective police departments and Sheriff’s Office, who would never allow Broad Street to become a “bourbon street.” Really? If the words were not so insulting to Ms. Davis, it would be a laughable advertisement. Republicans, who are defined as “partisan,” are attempting to paint a Commissioner as “partisan.” That is just contradictory, inane and ludicrous!