Although we have plenty of fast food, drive-thru restaurants in Rome, there is not always a great place to park and enjoy a lunch. One of my favorite spots with the grandchildren is to park at the back of the old Kmart lot and watch the trains go by as we eat. There are always several other cars there during lunch time, either watching the trains as we do, or just to find a quiet shade to eat and relax under before going back to work.

We have never noticed anyone throwing their bags or cups out of their cars and often wonder where the large array of trash comes from, making this a site that Rome and Floyd County should not be proud of.

Many roads in Floyd County have trash piled up near remote refuse sites that I can explain to them, but I just tell my grandkids that the wind blows all of it over until the trees catch it all.

I don't know who owns this property, Kmart, the railroad or a private company, but we as Romans should start to take responsibility for trash that the wind is blamed for. I could make a very long list of how it starts out, just like a small creek that grows into a river. Everyone should be aware of what just a small amount of litter can grow to become. Rome is better than this.