Cal Thomas’ op-ed of July 19 revealed that congressional Democrats are opposing four “people of color” nominated to federal courts by President Trump. He then poses the question, “If a Democratic president had nominated these people and Republicans opposed them, is there any doubt the ‘racist’ slur would be hurled at them.”

The answer is painfully obvious: none of us has a clue if that would happen. It is a speculative, hypothetical question based on no facts and improbable assumptions.

Taking the facts that Mr. Thomas recites, it is obvious that Democratic opposition to four “people of color” is not based on racism, but on their views concerning the various issues plaguing our time such as the right to life/freedom of choice, equal pay, civil rights, presidential claims of executive privilege and many more. Yet instead of acknowledging that their opposition is on political, philosophical or legal grounds (i.e., not racism), Mr. Thomas twists the situation into partisan hyperbole. He poses a hypothetical that is nowhere on the horizon, all for the sake of throwing red meat to Donald Trump supporters who feel compelled to shout “Send her back!” Never mind that we are unsure where they would want to send her (or them) since they all are United States citizens.

Mr. Thomas, you have no need to create more divisiveness and partisan red meat out of thin air to stir up the Trump base. Mr. Trump does a fine job of that all by himself, aided by his trusty phone and Twitter account. Perhaps you should consider looking for ways that we work together to make America great again. We have lost much of our greatness over the past three years on so many fronts, and we need to clear away the wreckage of this administration and together, Republican, Democrat and Independent, get to work on what’s important.

Paul Culotta


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