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Are we all immigrants?

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Letter to the editor


I read the article in the Rome News-Tribune that said, “Many Americans forget that we are all immigrants, whether it applies to you, your parents or your ancestors, we are all immigrants, we all came from somewhere else in hope of a better life.”

My ancestors were forced, made to come to America. They did not have a choice in the matter. They were beaten with sticks, ropes, whips. They did not have a choice to stay in their country; they were forced to come to America.

So, I am in America because my ancestors were from Africa. My ancestors’ lives were controlled by someone else. They were not allowed to talk when working in the fields, so they started humming, singing with their mouths closed.

Parts of my family tree are missing as my grandmother never knew her father because of the choices other people made for her mother.

America was founded in 1776, so for all of us whose ancestors had no choice but to leave their country and come to America, they are the ones who helped make America the beautiful country it is today. Today, people have a choice to stay in their country or come to America. I am very grateful for all of our ancestors who had a part in making this country great today.

When I hear people say, “make America great again,” I want to tell them, “America is a great country.” I feel that we are not all immigrants because some of our ancestors had no choice in the matter, and today people have a choice to leave their country or come to America. Some of our ancestors had no choice, but because of them America is the greatest country.

God bless America.