Letter to the editor


There’s something you can do that would be very constructive: get together with your “partners in crime” and put some teeth in the Federal “do not call” law. It’s treated as nothing by all the ones using it. I have reported obnoxious calls repeatedly and filed repeated complaints but nothing happens, no change and no response from the Feds. Most of the time, the culprits just change their number if you don’t answer, and now they have located a new exchange in Rome with a 706 area code and until you find it’s a robo-call, you’re afraid not to answer it. Both my home phone and cell phone have been listed on the no call list since 2003 and 2005, respectively!

There must be a lot of money involved in the selling of phone numbers by the carriers. A simple solution would be to forbid the selling of phone numbers thru the Privacy Act, or does it have no teeth either? I’m amazed at all the stupid laws you guys pass but never follow up on to see if they’re really working!

I do expect a reply from this and I do not expect a form letter, like you usually reply with, that doesn’t even relate to the original subject!