Last month in the Rome News-Tribune a letter was printed promoting law called the Death with Dignity Act. It would provide for a terminally-ill adult to “voluntarily request and receive a prescription lethal medication so they can pass away in a peaceful, humane manner in a place and time of their choosing.” It amounts to legal suicide. But to take one’s own life is contrary to God’s law, “Thou shalt not kill.”

Patients who are terminally ill may be cared for by hospice care and medications given to ease pain and suffering. Doctors who are supposed to heal their patients would be instruments of death. Who determines if a sick person is terminally ill? Also, there is the danger that relatives of the terminally ill person would encourage suicide to benefit from the inheritance.

The name Death with Dignity Act may sound compassionate, yet it is still suicide, the killing of the individual (may be) compassionate yet is still suicide, the killing of the individual before his time. This promotes the culture of death that is growing in our society. We have legal abortion on demand, the killing of the unborn baby in the womb. Now at the end of life we will promote suicide on demand for anyone who thinks they are terminally ill.