Events of the past week show very clearly the political positions of major constituencies on the issue of illegal immigration.

One would have expected most Americans to have celebrated the Mexican decision to take significant new steps to reduce illegal immigration on our common border. A stop to illegal immigration is what a majority of voters want and what President Trump promised during his campaign. Many, however, did not celebrate. Democrats, establishment Republicans, the mainstream press, prominent economists and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce all found fault with the president’s manner of accomplishing it. Of course, Democrats want open borders to secure more citizens dependent on government and to hopefully become future Democrat voters. Establishment Republicans and the USCC want them for cheaper labor. The mainstream press wants them because President Trump doesn’t.

President Trump is the first president in decades to actually try to close the border to illegals. The others head-faked on the issue and took largely minimal action. The one meaningful step of building a wall south of San Diego was very successful so, of course, it would not be replicated on a large scale.

The complaints by most were the use by the president of possible tariffs against Mexico if meaningful steps were not taken to stop the caravans arriving at the border. Since Congress has refused to change the immigration laws or provide significant funding for a wall, as requested by the president, he had no option other than tariffs. If Mexico had not responded so quickly to the threat, Democrats and establishment Republicans were prepared to prevent the use of tariffs. The media took more time saying that the Mexican actions were largely a result of prior negotiations than a response to the tariff threat and thus the president was lying.

The bottom line is that the country has received a promise from Mexico of significant assistance in its attempts to limit illegal immigration. If the promise is followed through and is successful, which we will see in just a few months, most Americans will be very happy and their political leadership, other than their president, will not be.

How sad.

William Steinhauer


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