Letter to the editor

Approximately 10 years ago my wife was diagnosed with severe memory loss. It is hard to pinpoint, but I can remember incidents that on reflection could have been the early signs of her memory loss. Over the years, the disease has been a slow but steady decline of normal abilities. I will not bore you with 10 plus years of details, except to say it’s been a very hard and painful, but a very loving, trip. If anything, my love for my wife has increased by leaps and bounds.

As of this writing, Sue is bed bound for most of the day, but daily she is moved around our home for 4 to 6 hours, to a recliner. I am 88 years old and her care, as I have said, is very hard. But it has become possible thanks to the help of our 24/7 sitters (Donna, Ashley, Rita, Judy, Sophia, Angel and Jeanine). Additionally, Floyd Hospital’s Heyman Hospice division, under the care of Dr. McCormick and nurse Maxine Cochran, have also been amazing. I refer to these people as “the hands of God.” I just want to thank the above folks for a smile and a laugh my wife has given me during her very tough fight to survive.