I read Ross Rogers’ column of May 24 with interest as it showed the headstone for Path Killer in the Garrett cemetery. Let me give some explanation for the headstone.

My mom and stepdad were married in February of 1958. My stepdad, Bob Todd, was a member of a boat club in Centre called the Path Killer Boat Club. This was well prior to the building of Weiss Lake. I went with my stepdad and another member (of the club), Billy King, to a location up on Lookout Mountain to pick up the headstone. It was one that someone had not claimed and the boat club paid to have it refaced with the present inscription. I remember going with them to the cemetery to place the headstone. Whether there is a true grave there or not, I am not sure. I would have been about 9 years old at the time.

But my point being, while the headstone had some very old dates on it, it was actually placed there in the late 1950s. With the advent of Weiss Lake, the boat club died a natural death. In fact, I suspect all of the members that were active then have passed away. All of the ones I am aware of that were active then are gone.

Glenn Ferguson