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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In cell tower fight, one man represented his people

I would like to thank the Floyd County Commissioners for allowing myself and many of my neighbors to state our feelings at a recent county commission meeting where the subject of a cell tower placement in our neighborhood occurred. The day after the meeting, I left for an out-of-town trip for a month. After my return, my neighbors and I further discussed the meeting and I decided to write this letter to let everyone know my thoughts.

  • icon Posted: April 14

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Friday 04/04/2014
LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A difficult time
Posted: April 04, 2014

I wish to express sincere thanks to everyone for all forms of support for me and my family due to the recent demise and burial of my beloved wife, Mrs. Cathy Wright. Again, I thank you for all your support and assistance during this difficult time.

Posted: April 04, 2014

Well, once again the Georgia Legislature has finished its session for the year and given millions in tax breaks to yet more corporations at the expense of the less fortunate, most taxpayers and government services. For the umpteeth time in the past several years, permanent sales tax breaks have been given to many corporations in Georgia — which have taken money from the state coffers as well as from most counties.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Short on facts
Posted: April 04, 2014

An Associated Press report by Seth Borenstein titled “Global warming dials up our risks, UN report says,” describes in alarmist terms the future risks of global warming. Borenstein states that “the report, the fifth on warming’s impacts, includes risks to the ecosystems of the Earth, including a thawing Arctic, but it is far more oriented to what it means to people than past versions.”

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: World will get hotter
Posted: April 04, 2014

In reference to the March 21 column “Why we argue climate change: Settled science isn’t necessarily so” by John R. Christy:

Sunday 03/30/2014
LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Neighbors and firefighters launch water rescue
Posted: March 30, 2014

On Friday, March 14, around 9 p.m. I heard a popping noise, and I did not know where it was coming from. I noticed water was in the bedroom floor, the hallway and the bathroom.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bennett is a basher
Posted: March 30, 2014

Clay Bennett’s cartoon about the missing Malaysian airliner is why I quit RNT back in December, 2013, after subscribing for many years and I’ll bet I’m not alone. 

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Road markings are safety issue
Posted: March 30, 2014

I think that the time has come to apply road-marking paint again to the roads of Rome. As you can see now, it is horrible to drive your vehicle on the roads in the rainy nights. I know that most people will agree with this opinion. Lots of people would not have time to think about this matter, and care about the safety of the other drivers and the pedestrians because of their busy schedules. I think that road-marking is a very important matter, and that you cannot neglect this. Non-visibility of road markings would lead to accidents; it is needed for this safety of the people. 

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Losing control of our destiny
Posted: March 30, 2014

WAKE UP AMERICA! We are losing control of our own destiny. Let me give one important example from Obamacare.

Monday 03/10/2014
LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We are our own worst enemy
Posted: March 10, 2014

We know nothing compared to what there is to learn. I would suggest that if we were allowed to know what God’s thoughts were for just one second, it would be more knowledge than the human race has acquired from the time of Adam and Eve or from time immemorial.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thank you, Wendy Davis
Posted: March 10, 2014

Thank you Rome City Commissioner Wendy Davis for your vote and explanation of your vote concerning the appointment of Mr. (Sammy) Rich. He is certainly a well-qualified candidate for city manager, however, it is extraordinarily important to advertise vacancies.

Friday 03/07/2014
LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Purpose of school sports is to teach teamwork
Posted: March 07, 2014

Purpose of school sports is to teach teamwork

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: High cost of obits
Posted: March 07, 2014

A dear friend of mine died recently and I inquired as to why no obituary was in our local newspaper. I was told it was price-prohibitive and, with no insurance, it was no way-no how.

Tuesday 03/04/2014
LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Speeders on interstates shouldn’t get a pass
Posted: March 04, 2014

The so-called “slow-poke” bill supported by the local legislators Christian Coomer and Eddie Lumsden is ill-conceived and counterproductive. While it is true that slower traffic should move to the right lanes, the focus should be on the better enforcement of laws already existing requiring safe distances between vehicles.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cartoon lies about NRA
Posted: March 04, 2014

The recent cartoon in your paper portraying the National Rifle Association as an organization that was once composed of hunters but that now advocates using Stand Your Ground Laws as an excuse to shoot people is, at the very least, a display of willful ignorance of the readily available facts concerning the NRA.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Obamacare concerns
Posted: March 04, 2014

Better not get cancer if you are 76 years old or older. My husband and I worked all of our life to take care of ourselves and to be prepared for retirement. He passed away 2½ years ago with lung cancer. Thank God Obamacare wasn’t heard of.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Impressive response times
Posted: March 04, 2014

I read about the fire on Second Avenue. I was very impressed to read that, from the time a 911 call was placed to the time the fire was put out, only 10 minutes had passed. I recently had a fire in our backyard that could have been quite damaging, but we called the firemen and they arrived and put out the fire within 20 or so minutes. Thank you to the firemen and their quick response, without which I believe much more damage could have been done to our home.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Fight for the truth
Posted: March 04, 2014

So you thought the 1960s was all about sex, drugs, and rock and roll. I guess it all depends to whom you are listening. We tend to listen, learn and act on information without regard as to where it has come from. From news outlets, school text books or by personal interview we have accepted our knowledge and made it a part of our life’s experiences.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Generous youth sponsors
Posted: March 04, 2014

The youth and youth Leaders at Grace Fellowship Baptist Church would like to extend a huge thank-you to all the businesses that made donations to our annual Valentine Dinner and Silent Auction.

Monday 02/24/2014
LETTER TO THE EDITOR: An apology to a county commissioner
Posted: February 24, 2014

I sent a letter for publication (“Floyd County has bigger problems than the budget,” Feb. 12).

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Racial unity is test of true Christians
Posted: February 24, 2014

I’d like to address the letter published in the Jan. 28 issue entitled “A dream realized.” The writer indicates her joy in the fact that a service was held celebrating MLK observances at what we might call a “white” church. I, too, think such a thing is just fine. But I do ask this: Where did (or will) all those Christians attend church this next Sunday? When will we see blacks and whites in the pews together again?

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