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GUEST EDITORIAL: Deadly police encounters still occur far too frequently

How confident can we be that police departments do a fair and adequate job of investigating deadly encounters between their officers and the public? How confident can we be that district attorneys and grand juries act impartially when deciding whether to charge officers with crimes?

  • icon Posted: January 30

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Tuesday 01/27/2015
GUEST EDITORIAL: Google Glass is the creepy innovation we didn’t want
Posted: January 27, 2015

Hard to believe it was just a few years ago when we first heard about Google Glass, the breakthrough in augmented-reality eyeglasses. And today — what a marvel! — millions of us wear this futuristic headgear to surf the Web, video-chat with mom and take hands-free photos.

GUEST EDITORIAL: Make same-sex marriage law of the land
Posted: January 27, 2015

The debate over same-sex marriage begins and ends with the question of whether it is a matter of equal rights and therefore protected under the Constitution.

Monday 01/26/2015
GUEST EDITORIAL: Comedian ventures where Obama won’t on race
Posted: January 26, 2015

President Barack Obama’s sixth State of the Union address turned out to be pretty much as previewed in a series of strategic spoilers doled out over the past few days: an interesting but doomed populist manifesto of tax cuts for the middle class, tax increases for those who collect much of their income from investments, paid sick leave and community college for all.

Friday 01/23/2015
GUEST EDITORIAL: On the Keystone XL pipeline
Posted: January 23, 2015

Given the passion of the rhetoric, one would think the proposed Keystone XL pipeline is either a potential catastrophe for the environment or a great boon for the economy. Both contentions are overblown.

Posted: January 23, 2015

Pope Francis’ recent selection of 15 new cardinals from 14 countries — one of the most diverse crops of senior prelates the Catholic Church has ever seen — solidifies the Holy See’s commitment to redefine the composition the church’s leadership. It represents another step in Francis’ overarching mission to broaden the reach of the church by having its leadership reflect the people it serves.

Thursday 01/22/2015
GUEST EDITORIAL: On the election results
Posted: January 22, 2015

American voters sent a clear message last fall. Apparently, President Barack Obama wasn’t paying attention.

GUEST EDITORIAL: On the Olympics
Posted: January 22, 2015

The Boston Olympics? There may be mixed feelings in Boston about The Hub as the Olympic host in 2024, but from Connecticut the prospect looks absolutely delightful.

GUEST EDITORIAL: On seeing ‘Selma’
Posted: January 22, 2015

The film “Selma” recalls a grim time in our nation’s history. Unlike many film’s about historic events, there can be no comfort gained in saying those days are behind us.

Wednesday 01/21/2015
GUEST EDITORIAL: Is Obama’s plan to pay for community college for all the best use of the money?
Posted: January 21, 2015

If the U.S. government had unlimited funds, it could provide free tuition for community college and no one would complain. For that matter, the nation could put all interested and qualified students through four years of college and beyond. But right here, right now, there are limits to the good the U.S. can accomplish with available public dollars — and that means careful, difficult choices have to be made.

GUEST EDITORIAL: Nigeria’s suffering: No one will help a country that won’t help itself
Posted: January 21, 2015

The world’s muted reaction to the violence in Nigeria by Boko Haram, an Islamist militia, stands in stark contrast to the mass public marches prompted by the “Charlie Hebdo” and kosher market killings in Paris.

GUEST EDITORIAL: Cloud over Petraeus: Holder must decide quickly on indictment
Posted: January 21, 2015

The Department of Justice and the FBI are still awaiting a decision from Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. on their recommendation of felony charges against former CIA director and retired four-star Gen. David H. Petraeus, who is accused of having provided his mistress with classified material. The wait must end soon.

Tuesday 01/20/2015
GUEST EDITORIAL: Nigeria’s Boko Haram is back with a vengeance
Posted: January 20, 2015

Boko Haram, Nigeria’s Islamist militants, got the world’s attention last year after kidnapping 276 schoolgirls. The despicable group still holds most of the girls, is still untamed and now appears to control much of the remote north of the country.

Monday 01/19/2015
GUEST EDITORIAL: FTC should ensure consumers know risks of connected-home tech
Posted: January 19, 2015

The idea of a connected home — one filled with smart devices that can communicate with one another and automate routine tasks — is no longer the stuff of “Jetsons” cartoons. With Internet-connected locks, lights, thermostats and related devices available, consumers can create homes of the future today.

GUEST EDITORIAL: Congress, fix our roads
Posted: January 19, 2015

When last we suggested back in summer that raising the fuel tax was a good idea, the average national price of regular gasoline stood near $3.60 a gallon. On Tuesday, the price was $2.11, a drop of 40 percent. The price has now fallen for a record 115 days consecutively.

Friday 01/16/2015
GUEST EDITORIAL: With wearable tech, the gym of the future is no gym at all
Posted: January 16, 2015

The endless stream of new wearable technology at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show tells us one thing: We are our own worst enemies, and we need technology to keep us in line.

GUEST EDITORIAL: Congress should make 2015 the year of ‘net neutrality’
Posted: January 16, 2015

Republicans and Democrats might finally have found an issue on which they can agree.

Thursday 01/15/2015
GUEST EDITORIAL: Haiti is emerging from the rubble
Posted: January 15, 2015

The earthquake that rocked Haiti five years ago brought unimaginable death and destruction. It’s aftermath generated unforeseen compassion and largesse.

GUEST EDITORIAL: Will digital cash matter in GOP race?
Posted: January 15, 2015

Scott Bland of the National Journal has a nice story about Republican candidates who may turn to “digital” money as a supplement or substitute for traditional big-money givers and bundlers. They are following the examples of Barack Obama in 2008 and perhaps Howard Dean in 2004.

Wednesday 01/14/2015
GUEST EDITORIAL: Millennials’ surprise: No app for that
Posted: January 14, 2015

Poverty? Isn’t there an app for that?

GUEST EDITORIAL: A massive show of solidarity in France
Posted: January 14, 2015

The international community joined hands on the streets of France on Sunday in an overwhelming show of support for free expression. The sheer numbers — millions across French cities, including more than 1.2 million in Paris — were as impressive as the solidarity demonstrated by the dozens of world leaders who participated.

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