By the time you read this, Christmas will be over, and a decade will be ending. I am usually left with a bit of melancholy after the ornaments are packed away, and my children return to their homes. The warmth of December’s merriment solemnly fades into the dawn of January cold.

I think many of us face 2020 with a bit of trepidation. The political rancor will reach such heights it might rival Vesuvius raining fire on Pompeii, reducing all its citizens to ashes. By November, if we are not covered in soot, we will celebrate a very thankful Thanksgiving.

After much thought as to my column’s message so soon after a joyous holiday, I have found the cure for the January blahs, Washington’s many eruptions, and other American maladies. Let’s not pack up December but carry it with us throughout the new year. It is the only way we are going to survive.

Christmas celebrates the birth of the Prince of Peace. Christ taught us the way to courage, gentleness, goodness, and hopefulness. He encouraged us to stand for what is right and not be afraid. He wanted our earthly existence to glorify and exemplify God.

Susan L. Taylor, the author of Lessons on Living, was asked recently, “Why are we here?” Her answer was, “God didn’t send us here to be powerless spectators but to become powerful initiators. We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience, and we have the power to break the cycle of negativity that is fueling a very dangerous world … it’s not only possible; it is why we are here.”

There is much every person can do to create a better environment for not only our country but our world. When we activate our spirit to join what is righteous and godly, we light the way for our children who will inherit this good earth.

We don’t need to sit on our couches all day watching television or clouds drift by, instead, why not give our time to the betterment of humankind? What good do we do ourselves or others when we watch the news all day? Why not, if we have the time, volunteer at the many facilities that could benefit from our otherwise wasted hours.

Become the initiator.

How many of you have a dream you’ve yet to fulfill? Do you have a plan? If so, what is stopping you? It is incredible how many cures, new inventions, famous words, beautiful art, and ideas have come from those who decided to replace a dream with reality. My life was enriched when I finally, after years of dreaming, wrote an essay.

It is never too late to become an initiator.

Every day we can initiate kindness and alleviate pain. We can end negativity and divisiveness if we take the power of the Prince of Peace with us wherever we go.

We can reduce hatred, see a decrease in suicides, stop the bullies and the mean-spirited if we live by the teachings God sent through his son 2019 years ago. Our ability to initiate change comes through the December child who brought hope to the earth. And, folks, he can do it again if we give him a helping hand.

If we spread hatred, if we show no empathy, if we are racist, filled with anger, pompousness, and indecency, there is not a leader in the world that can create greatness. For a country is only as good as its people.

The noble one is the Prince of Peace, who showed us the only way to greatness is through him and treating others with dignity, kindness, respect, and love.

We can pack away the Christmas décor, and the lights illuminating our trees, but the light in our hearts should never be dimmed. Let’s face the dawn of the new decade with hope, with power, and with the belief that a great God can and will show us the way.

Become an initiator, and you might light up the world.

Happy New Year to all, and may the dawn of a decade begin with your smile.

Lynn Gendusa of Roswell is the author of “It’s All Write with Me!” Essays from my heart. She can be reached at

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