Hey! Copernicus, Newton, Luther, Calvin, all you rebels

Why is it so hard to just let the Church tell you what is right and wrong?

You science guys think you are so smart with your experiments and data

I don’t believe you, and what I believe is more important than any facts

And you religious reformers-the Church has guarded the truth for centuries

Who are you to ask a bunch of questions?

Just believe what the bishops and their superiors tell you

You really should be afraid of them-they can be mean

Europe was great in the past; we’ll never be great again if you don’t shut up

Hey! You in the funny hat. Call yourself a Pilgrim, huh?

One of those minority religions, aren’t you?

Always complaining. What’s wrong our religion, our country?

Do you believe that fake news stuff about a New World?

You really should be afraid to get on that little Mayflower boat

King James is taking us back in time to make England great again

Why don’t you just stay put and get with the program?

Hey! Hancock, Jefferson, Franklin, you guys. Don’t sign that paper.

Gripe and complain! Gripe and complain!

You just hate King George because he tells it like it is

Nobody pushes him around

Parliament can’t tell him what to do. Puny colonial legislatures surely can’t

Hit this king and he will hit back harder. Be careful. Be afraid.

There is so much turmoil in 1776. Let’s go back about 50 years to better times

Join the Tories and make England great again

Hey! Tom with no last name.

Don’t even think about getting on that Underground Railroad

Just stay in your place and keep your mouth shut.

Work hard and you won’t get hurt.

Your Master knows what is best for you. He’s really a stable genius

You have a place to live and food to eat. You are helping to build the economy.

Freedom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You should be afraid of what you don’t know.

Let Cotton be king

Just say yes sir/no sir and keep the plantation great.

Hey, You with the frizzy hair

Einstein? That’s a Jew name isn’t it?

Your kind is sneaky. Behind the scenes, controlling us

All those weird time and space equations and talk about atomic power?

You’re not one of the master race so can’t know anything worthwhile

We have plans for your kind of people

Trains are waiting to deport you to camps in Poland

Hey! Lewis-you and your crowd of outside agitators

You can’t cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge — you’re not welcome here

Segregation is the way we do things here

We’re not racists, we just want law and order

You know that chief Bull Connor is tough on crime

You don’t have the nerve to face clubs, dogs and fire hoses

You go on to the back of the bus, now. Be afraid

Make Jim Crow great again

Hey! Abram. You’re an old dude. No kids

What makes you think God is talking to you?

Leave your home? Go who knows where?

That should make you afraid

A father of many nations? Come on now, no way!

Just settle down, stay put and make Ur great again

Hey! You Israelites. Are you really going to follow that Moses guy?

You don’t know who is out there in the so-called Promised Land

Sure you work hard and don’t get any respect, but you have jobs here.

The economy in Egypt is booming

Our leader is a little crude with his potty mouth

But let pharaoh be pharaoh

He’s probably the greatest pharaoh that ever lived — just ask him

The Red Sea will swallow you if you go there — be afraid!

We’re going to bring back the good old days and make Egypt great again

Hey! You two nobodies with The Child

Do you know how dangerous it is to cross that desert?

Are you thinking about an illegal crossing into Egypt?

A corrupt, abusive government?

Religious leaders who sold their soul to the politicians?

Gangs of Roman soldiers with swords, killing babies?

Maybe you should be afraid

You are in the way when Caesar wants to make Rome great again

Power, arrogance, fear, and suspicion offer a kind of greatness

Insult, division, violence are the enforcers

Add nostalgia for the best years already gone by

Welcome to bullies, bigots, and wannabe dictators

The truly great ones are servants

So said an old Jewish carpenter turned rabbi

Humility, compassion, vision, courage are the enforcers

The future beckons — you can’t go back

This greatness knows no national borders

Knows not male/female, race/religion,

Knows not gay/straight, Republican/Democrat

Please, make humanity truly great

The Rev. Dr. Gary Batchelor is an ordained Baptist minister and active church member. He is retired after a nearly 40-year local ministry as a hospital chaplain. His particular interest lies in issues of faith and culture.

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