The voice on the other side of the wall said, “Welcome. Come on in.” I pushed the door open and stepped inside. I stopped dead in my tracks, my partner walked into me. I stood with my mouth hanging open. I had stepped through the door into a backyard of naked people. I looked down at my partner who was much shorter than me.

“What have we got into now?”

He couldn’t answer, just stood with his mouth hanging open.

A tall, lanky blonde started toward us with nothing covering her but a glass of some kind of drink. She walked up to us and said, “Hello, handsome. What can I do for you two good looking fellows?”

She stood there naked and calmly smiled. I and my partner stood there with our clothes on as nervous as an old hen with a set of little ones. She offered us a drink and we refused. She smiled and with swinging hips went to hunt someone that we could talk to.

I sure was glad to see her talking to a man that I knew. Let me explain how we got into this backyard of naked people. They gave a call to the car working that area that a party was disturbing the neighbors. Shorthanded, I had to back the unit up. We pulled up and heard the noise coming from the backyard. We eased down to a door that opened into the backyard. We listened for a few minutes and then pushed on the door. It was locked. I knocked on it and a voice said, “Welcome. Come on in,” and she opened the door for us. She was tall and a natural blonde.

She brought the man who I will call David for the sake of carrying on a conversation. David shook hands and started to laugh.

“Lonie,” he asked, “haven’t you ever been to a nudist party?” This, he said, is the members of a nudist party. “We have a meeting once a month and put on a small party.” He pointed toward the tables of drinks and food, “Help yourself, join us.”

I explained to him that we had received a complaint and that was why we were there.

He motioned for us to follow him. He started to introduce some of the members. It didn’t seem to bother them that we were clothed and they were naked. We stopped at a table where people were eating and he tried to get us to eat with them. We, smiling, refused and told them to hold it down to where we wouldn’t have to come back.

We checked back in and pulled to Broad and Second Avenue to talk about what we had just seen. We both agreed that the call had come from one of the neighbors and they would probably call again. I informed headquarters if they received another call that we would take it.

We made the rest of the shift without another call. I think my partner was looking forward to going back. I must admit that it was a change from what we usually got on a Saturday night. When I talk to anyone about this call I tell them, lean back and close your eyes. Think about walking into a room of naked people. Don’t that blow your mind.

It was later that I received a thank you letter for me and my partner for that night. The one who was in charge thanked us for being so understanding about their club. We kept our mouths shut and said nothing about the call.

Lonie Adcock of Rome is a retired Rome Police Department lieutenant. His latest book is “Fact or Fiction.”

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