In a recent story that I wrote for the Rome News-Tribune (about a nudist party) I got some calls wanting me to answer some questions. As my readers know, I will never write anything that will cause embarrassment to anyone. Names I do not write in my stories. I will call first names sometimes. I will answer the most asked questions as best as possible.

One of the questions asked about this story was how many people were there. Doing some thinking back and picturing the way it looked to me, I would say there was about 20 people there. There were tables sitting in a circle with a round circle for dancing. There was four or five couples dancing and a few standing talking. The tables were pretty well occupied. There was two standing in a dark spot who didn’t know that anyone or anything existed beside themselves.

Just inside the doorway, a short, fat little man sat at a table. He had a big black cigar in one hand and a glass of something to drink in the other. He was feeling no pain. He would let out one of those know-it-all kind of laughs and take a drink with a pull from his cigar. My partner punched me and pointed toward him.

“Looks happy to me,” I said. He looked happy with the drink in his hand and with the cigar ashes all over him. His head would rotate every time someone in the room moved. I do believe his head went round and round on his shoulders.

Since this was my first nudist party that I had ever been to I tried not to miss anything in the room. The tall lanky blonde was moving all around the room. Her movements made it hard to see everything in the room.

My partner kept on saying “look over there.” No sooner did I look, he was trying to show me something else. I sure was glad when we got to the man we were going to talk to. I felt like my head had been screwed on and off several times.

We had walked around the room to where a bar had been put up. He motioned for us to fix ourselves a drink. We passed on the drink and began to talk about the party. We let him know that to our knowledge they were OK, and had not broken any law.

We stood and talked to the man in charge for several minutes. We headed for the door when this real heavy woman came out of the dark in front of us. She walked in front of us and giggled as we tried to get to the door. We saw that we were not going to get by her so we stopped and waited for her to be seated. She went to the table with the fat man and sat down. Making sure that the way to the door was clear we headed for it. Once outside we breathed a sigh of relief.

I went to a lot of parties after that as an uninvited guest. Some made us welcome and some didn’t, some we bothered with our presence, and some we didn’t. If the party was quiet and peaceful and no one complained we left them alone. Most of them left us alone.

Last question asked. How did it feel walking around in a group of naked people. That’s a good question. My partner answered it for me. He said that he felt like he was the naked one and that the others wore the clothes.

Lonie Adcock of Rome is a retired Rome Police Department lieutenant. His latest book is “Fact or Fiction.”

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