Have you ever felt out of sorts, not quite fully connecting to something or someone and then doubt most everything about your reality? Have you become seriously confused about your direction and purpose here on this planet? Too often, we waste moments wishing or fantasizing our lives away instead of being aware of every moment that we are given. Journey with me as we discover the next lesson on how to leave confusion behind and embrace the clarity that is actually at our fingertips as we practice “doing the next right thing,” as described by Matthew Kelly.

The second lesson in becoming the best version of ourselves is to be found in the discovery in just doing the next “right” thing through the gift of moments. This concept, an action, moves us forward in appreciation and helps us to move closer to our imperfectly perfect selves. There is no better teacher than the moment we are in right now! Each moment is brimming with possibilities and should be seized, enjoyed, and squeezed for every drop that it has to offer. The beauty of moments is that they are a continuous and manageable gift given to us, which can be utilized in the process of becoming the best version of ourselves. Moments provide us with glimpses of our imperfect selves and help us to get out of our funks. These moments are clues that tell us which path will lead us to the place where we are at peace with who we are, where we are, and what we are doing. You can ask yourself, what can I do right now that will help me to become more perfectly myself? This question can transform your life as one step eventually leads to another, creating a forward motion towards wellness and clarity.

We need to understand how our thoughts create actions, how actions then create habits, that in turn, develop our character. By participating more fully in each moment, we are practicing present-moment awareness. Embrace the now, and the future will be more abundant because you had the wisdom, courage, and discipline to grasp each moment. Even if moments are composed of grief or despair, you can turn the next moment into something more productive and powerful by focusing on what you can do, as the next right thing, which keeps us moving forward. We then shift from confusion to clarity as we realize that whatever is getting us down is imagined, as is the human way to distort things. As we concentrate on doing the next best or right thing, we get the ball rolling in a much better and brighter direction.

You will find the next right thing to do by quieting yourself for just a moment, take a long breath, and go to that deep part of you that most often, already knows what you need to do next. This process is how we move from confusion to clarity. It then becomes easier for us to see the good in everyone and yourself. It is also essential that we acknowledge the role that moments play in being successful or experiencing success. Its root is in being able to capitalize on every moment as we endure and savor each moment, and then ponder upon what lesson was learned, what was achieved, and then celebrate each tiny victory as it takes place.

Here are some tips to defeat your patterns of procrastination, destroy peace-robbing thoughts, and create the action of wellness.

1. Ask yourself when you are feeling distracted or idle: what can I do right now that will help me to become more perfectly myself? Then do not hesitate to act on your answer!

2. Embrace each moment and actively seek the opportunities and lessons that each moment brings you.

3. Choose happiness as your emotional default position. Consider surrendering to your feelings of unhappiness, as it will become an opportunity for healing and transformation.

4. Consult with God in all of your decisions — big and small. Remind yourself that decisions are made from a profound place within you, which is where God resides.

5. Throw away your thoughts and expectations of having to be perfect! Instead, concern yourself with your character development. What are the defects in your character, and how do you steal your happiness and peace?

6. Take a “gut” check regularly as you pause to listen to the quiet voice within yourself, which usually tells us what the next right thing to do is.

The beautiful thing about moments is that they provide us with glimpses of the best version of ourselves. We can look back on them and say, “For that moment, I was perfectly myself.” One moment at a time, by simply doing the right thing, you will move from confusion to clarity, from misunderstanding to insight, from despair to hope, from darkness to light as you discover your authentic self, the best version of yourself, as God designed you to be.

Roman Betty Schaaf is a volunteer, a writer, a sojourner and a self-described wellness addict. Betty Schaaf’s email is bettyannschaaf@gmail.com.