School year 2019 is upon us.

I’ll have one starting college and one in middle school. It seems like just yesterday I had one graduating high school and one in middle school, but one grade lower. Ah, how the time flies.

I was backing my car up the other day in the driveway when I spotted our old basketball goal lying on the ground. It was blown down by the wind some time ago and has crept further and further away from the area near the driveway where it stood.

I got it for free from a friend of mine when my son was in middle school. It moved with us from our house in Newnan to the house we’re at now. We played a lot of games on that old goal.

Because of the layout of the driveway, C.A.T. and H.O.R.S.E. were our favorite games to play. My driveway now is nothing like the one I grew up with in Union City. A two-car driveway is perfect size for a game of two on two. We weren’t afraid to play three on three, depending on the number of friends we had over, but two on two was ideal.

I remember having the internal discussion as to whether I should let my son win, to boost his self confidence or teach him how to lose gracefully. My competitive spirit usually won out, and I opted to “teach him how to lose gracefully.”

That sounds much better than saying I was not ever above trying to talk enough smack to throw him off as the games became closer and closer. And closer and closer they got. Until there was no need for any internal debates about being a good father, I was just trying to win.

I remember the few times my daughter would want to play with us. She was way too short to sink many at all. I remember holding her up to get her closer to the goal. I also remember her next shot hitting the front of the rim and coming back straight on her nose. I suppose that particular rebound is a basketball rite of passage for any kid.

That basketball goal also served as the centerpiece for my son’s birthday parties. His birthday is in December but that never stopped friends and family from playing as many games as possible between the food and the cake.

I think it’s high time we pull that old goal back up for some more memories. I hope my son remembers it’s nice to let the old man win once in a while for his self confidence.

And keep in mind:

With the new school year, there are a lot of young drivers on the road, driving to school for the first time. None of them woke up with the plan of making you late for work. If a few cars driving the speed limit is the difference in you getting to work on time, wake up earlier.

Toby Nix is a Newnan writer, guitarist and investigator for the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office. He is the author of two books, “Columns I Wrote” and the newly released “A Book I Wrote.” He can be reached at