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I’m often asked the following question: “What inspired you to become politically active?”

I can answer that question with two simple words. Donald Trump. On Tuesday, June 16, 2015, as Mr. Trump stepped off that escalator in Trump Tower and proceeded to announce his candidacy for president, that is the moment I became an unapologetic supporter and it was then that I was determined to get involved, make an impact and get Donald J. Trump elected as the 45th president of the United States.

Before Donald Trump announced his candidacy, I knew as much about him as the average person. I was familiar with his hotels, golf courses, television show and, of course, his wealth, but that’s it. Quite honestly, I was expecting his announcement to be a joke. Why would a celebrity billionaire who has just about everything run for president? However, there was something about that announcement speech that motivated me. He was serious and determined to make America a safer and better place to live and do business. He connected with many of the American citizens who were fed up with career politicians and wanted a change in the status quo.

While my support throughout the 2016 election cycle was unwavering, I remember standing in the crowd in front of the United States Capitol on Jan. 20, 2017, crying tears of joy. As President Trump made his inaugural address and promised to transfer the power from Washington, D.C., back to the American people, I felt reassured and knew that I had supported the right candidate.

Politicians regularly make empty promises to the American people. Promises that they never had any intentions of following through with but did whatever they could to take advantage of their constituents to get elected. Trump made a lot of promises, too, while campaigning. Big promises. Was I completely certain that he would be able to fulfill those promises? Honestly not, but I knew that if anyone would be able to it would be him. He would use his leadership experience and no-nonsense attitude to put America and her citizens first.

President Trump has followed through and he has kept the promises that he made to the voters. The American economy is finally getting back on track thanks to the promises that he’s kept. Promises like negotiating better trade deals, allowing corporations to expand by reducing regulations that hurt business and, most importantly, carrying out the largest tax cut in U.S. history.

By fulfilling those promises and achieving those successes, he’s been able to fulfill additional promises like creating jobs. According to the Department of Labor, there are more jobs than people in unemployment for the first time in history. Why? Because companies are bringing their money and jobs back to the United States. Meanwhile, the Democrats can’t get enough of regulations and want to raise the minimum wage. Apparently, the left doesn’t care if companies can no longer to afford to hire employees and Americans are unemployed and living on the streets. Thankfully, that’s not the situation because President Trump is helping people get back on their feet. The mills that closed and the jobs that were shipped overseas during the Obama administration are opening back up and coming back. Donald Trump is absolutely the “jobs president.”

In addition to the economy, national security and foreign relations were other big topics in Trump’s platform. In recent decades, every President has promised to move Israel’s embassy to Jerusalem and officially recognize the Israeli capitol. None have followed through with that promise except for President Trump. These presidents have also tried to bring North Korea to “the table.” None have, except for President Trump. And while I am still waiting for the border wall, he promised to defeat ISIS. When’s the last time that you heard about them being a threat? It’s disheartening that the media doesn’t even report on that, all they are focused on is their next attack against the greatest president our country has ever had.

Whether you like him or not, you cannot truthfully say that President Trump has not fulfilled his campaign promises, and he’s less than two years in. America is going to be okay. Just imagine what he could accomplish if he had the support of Congress. Now, I’m just waiting for one more promise to be kept: putting her in jail!

I had the privilege of voting for Donald Trump twice, in the 2016 primary and general election, and I look forward to casting my vote for him again in 2020.