Oftentimes, when Mama saw a friend whom she hadn’t seen in a long while, she’d say, “What’s new with you?” Evidently, in the New Year, not much is new. Just when we get the current year broken in, it’s time to ring in a new one. Nothing new in the New Year? That isn’t exactly the case. We all appreciate the New Year because it brings us a fresh start in life. The promise of a New Year is inspiring.

Typically we reflect on many things at year’s end. In December, there were two triggers that made me think about Mama and Daddy. Dec. 14, 1945, was the day they were married. Dec. 28, 2012, was the day Mama passed away. Miss them though, I certainly do, and I am exceedingly blessed with a zillion great memories of them.

Our focus throughout the year

Every year in early January, everybody’s attention is on weight loss. However, that focus very soon loses its gusto when we encounter all that food at Super Bowl parties. From early to mid-January, in anticipation of tax season, everybody’s motivation is to get organized.

In February there is Valentine’s Day. Actually, February has the most observances of any month. There is Groundhog Day, the Daytona 500, Bike Week at Daytona, President’s Day, the Super Bowl, Grammy Awards, Ash Wednesday and Black History Month.

In March we observe St. Patrick’s Day. Easter sometimes comes in March, not April. This year Daylight Savings Time starts Sunday, March 20, 2019. I’d like to be able to set the clocks once and leave ’em there!

Graduations and Memorial Day are on the calendar in May. The weather gets warmer and we can enjoy the carefree days of summer. We get to be outside swimming, bike riding, cutting the grass, working in the yard and going to the beach. Ah, yes. Vacation! We celebrate the Fourth of July with picnics and fireworks. In August, we continue to enjoy summer and then it is “back-to-school” time.

In September we observe Labor Day and usher in the fall. After we’ve warmed up fall with fire pits, football games, the Coosa Valley Fair, the Peach State Marching Festival and Chiaha, along comes Halloween. The stores bring out costumes, Halloween decorations and candy.

In November we observe Veterans Day. I love going to the wreath laying ceremony at Myrtle Hill. Well attended by many of our veterans, I never miss an opportunity to thank them for their service.

Late November brings us Thanksgiving, a holiday which I really like. Thanksgiving is an underrated holiday because too many people use it to launch headlong into Christmas. Subsequently, Christmas gets here and we celebrate. Then we rest and watch the old year pass away and welcome the New Year.

It’s all about being in the moment

My children, both now in their mid-30s, each have a birthday the first week in December. Through the years we celebrated their birthdays on Thanksgiving weekend. It was a nice focus between Thanksgiving and Christmas. At those birthday celebrations each year, we achieved balance between the holidays and kept our focus where it belonged: in the moment! I’m all about being in the moment, enjoying life as it comes, enjoying each holiday we are in, before careening into the next one. The only way to truly enjoy each of the holidays we observe throughout the year is to be in the moment.

In last week’s column I talked about joy and mentioned that it is my theme for 2019. I find joy everywhere I look. Last week I found a coupon for a “sparkling wine” from Cupcake Vineyards. The coupon said, “Choose Joy.” I thought that was delightful.

Indeed, in the New Year I will choose joy.

Native Roman Pam Walker is a paralegal and welcomes your email to her at pamterrellwalker@gmail.com.