On Saturday I was invited to a pretty cool event out in Silver Creek.

Friends of mine – Mike and Cindy – had gotten hitched. In Jamaica. And then just had a party for all their friends right here in little Floyd County.

For the record, I’ve been saying this to my friends for a long time. That’s the way to do it. I know some people have the money for a big fancy-schmancy wedding ceremony with a guest list of hundreds. That’s wonderful if you want that wedding. Or if you want to get married in some massive cathedral then by all means do that.

But don’t forget there’s beauty in simplicity. One of the best weddings I’ve ever been a part of was a wedding at the beach with just the bride and groom, their parents and a handful of close friends. It was PERFECT.

So I always tell people that they should at least consider a small, simple, intimate ceremony in a place special to them. And then if they want a ton of people to be involved, they can host a reception later. Your special day should be about y’all, not about a caterer and an expensive venue and worrying about what the bridesmaids are supposed to wear and if the open bar is costing too much. It should be about y’all and it should make y’all happy.

But anyway, I digress from my little story.

So Mike and Cindy had gotten married in Jamaica, just them two on the beach. But they also wanted to celebrate with friends and family, so on Saturday they hosted a little party at this venue I’d never been to – The Farm in Silver Creek. It’s right off Ga. 101. I have passed by there many, many times but never even knew what was there.

Well let me tell y’all it’s a BEAUTIFUL place. You drive up a gravel road and and then a lodge/cabin-looking structure comes into view. That main building has a big open floor, a bar, bathrooms and large windows that offer a great view. That’s the indoor portion but it adjoins a big beautiful covered pavilion, and all that overlooks a sparkling pond with a big fountain in it and, beyond that, beautiful rolling pasture and some woods.

So it’s a wonderful venue BUT that’s not the best part about the whole night.

I know some of y’all expect me to say the best part was that we got to celebrate two wonderful people and their joining their lives with each other ... two becoming one. Well that’s nice, but actually the best part was a QUESO FOUNTAIN.

Yes, I said a queso fountain. A fountain from which issued melted cheese.

The food was simple but delicious. It was a taco bar with sides of rice and beans but the highlight (for me at least) was a dang fountain overflowing with warm queso.

I would like to take this time to make sure y’all realize the gravity of what I’m saying. Amid the taco shells and cilantro and chopped onions, there sat a large metal fountain, and from its various spouts came forth wonderful, golden melted queso.

You could use the little provided containers to catch the queso and use it as a side to your tacos. Or you could just hold your plate under a spout for limitless queso to blanket your food. However, if you’re like me, you saw a once in a lifetime opportunity to simply open your mouth under one of the spouts and drink of the life-giving queso.

I have been to many events in and around Rome but the queso fountain was a first for me. In the future, please don’t invite me to anything you’re having unless there will be a queso fountain there.

I don’t care how fancy and high fallutin’ you THINK your event is, I will consider it sub-par if there is not a queso fountain. Here are some examples of local events that should consider using a queso fountain:

Heart of the Community, Chiaha, any Rome Little Theatre production, Chili Cookoff, Fiddlin’ Fest, the Rome Christmas Parade, Mountain Day, Empty Bowls ... and basically any other event that you want humans to attend.

But I don’t want it to seem like the queso fountain overshadowed the real reason for the party. We were there to celebrate two really great people and their new life together. Guests ate and drank and danced and laughed. A DJ (I’m pretty sure his name was Bryan Bendek) was playing a lot of fun music that people could dance to, and there was a photo booth for folks to take silly pictures and make memories.

My takeaways from that night: The Farm at Silver Creek is a great local event venue, queso fountains are the wave of the future and people still love the cha-cha slide.

Severo Avila is Features Editor for the Rome News-Tribune.

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