I’ve recently been made aware of a group on Facebook that I think the community at large should know about.

It’s called Customer Service “Going The Extra Mile.” I was sent an invitation to join the group (it’s a public group) and many of my friends are members so I joined. It looks like it was created in July and what’s cool about it is that it recognizes local people who are doing a great job at customer service.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has seen countless social media posts about bad customer service experiences at restaurants, offices and other businesses. Well this group spotlights the people in our community who have to interact with members of the public and have impressed someone so much that the person has seen fit to post about it in this group.

How it works is, if you’re a member of the group you can post a photo of someone locally who has displayed good customer service and you describe your experience at their place of business.

One of the very first posts was by a woman named Tami Martin Moreno who seems to be either the creator or one of the creators of the group or at the very least an admin. This is what she initially posted:

This day and time finding good customer service ANYWHERE is rare ...

I have decided that those who go out of their way to make us smile and give us great service should be recognized . Let’s make them famous in their own right!!! Let them know you appreciate them, ask if you can take their picture to post in the group and POST!!! ONLY POSITIVE POST PLEASE.

And that started a bunch of posts of people bragging about local workers who are doing a bang-up job at customer service. It’s awesome to see.

Please keep in mind that this is a public group so it’s not like I’m sharing private information. All the names of people and places have been shared publicly. Here are just a few examples of some of the posts. Each of these was accompanied by a photo of a smiling face of the person that’s being highlighted...

- I went through the Burger King in East Rome drive through this morning (not my norm for breakfast) and asked several questions... This young lady was very kind and helpful not to mention all smiles. This was a wonderful way to start my day. If you would share this post so that others will know there is good customer service in Rome Georgia & if you go to Burger King in (East Rome) please say hello to Ulyncia.

- Amy Ray — front desk at Dr. Lieberman’s Family Chiropractic on Broad St., Rome. A smile alone that’ll brighten anyone’s day. She truly cares! Very genuine person, great heart.

- Great Service with a smile at Red Lobster today. We often see so many negative post about l customer service , let’s put the spot light on those who deserve praise for being awesome. McKenzie was very friendly and personable. Please share this post and if you go to Red Lobster ask for McKenzie and tell her she has become famous.

— Hey guys meet Debra. She works at Walgreens in Rome. I came in to grab a photo I had printed and this sweet lady was very friendly and has a great personality. We talked about issues people have that are in the customer service field. Debra’s outlook on working with the public is everyone should at least say hi and thank you to those you are serving, even if the customer is rude. Debra, thanks for the conversation and service.

- Morgan at the Chic-Fil-A on Riverside. Always cheerful, friendly and efficient.

- Oh my gosh let me brag on this young lady right here. Mikayla is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. I was on a outing with one of my special friends who is hearing impaired and we ended up at Jefferson’s in Rome. Mikayla not only gave us phenomenal service but took the time to ask how to sign certain words to communicate with my guest. If all servers were like Mikayla eating out would be much more enjoyable. Hats off to this beautiful sweet lady. Your boss should be proud.

- This young lady who goes by the name Maddy works at Sweet Frog in Rome. She is super friendly and great role model to one of my special friends who also works there.

- Emily (at Las Palmas Mexican Restuarant) gave us hands down the best service I have ever received. Not only was she patient and polite with our large party, she was also great with the kids... I also have to brag on the nicest buss-boy that isn’t pictured. Kyzer knocked over a glass and before we even had a chance to gather napkins he was there to clean up the mess with the best attitude. We all were extremely impressed with Las Palmas tonight.

- Nancy Taylor is awesome. She Always greets us with a smile and gives us wonderful service at homestead restaurant.

- Austin, in produce at East Rome Walmart, is so nice and so helpful. From locating the best produce, picking it for you, and even cutting it up special for you in the back, he does so with a GREAT attitude and smile every time for me and my husband.

- Thank you Rudy for always being SO helpful at the Armuchee CVS. Especially with passport photos. Friendly and knowledgeable.

These are just a few of the MANY posts recognizing great customer service in Rome and Floyd County. I encourage you to visit the page on Facebook, read about all these great folks and if you feel inclined, brag on someone in our community who has shown you good, friendly service, no matter the type of job. Make sure to get their permission before taking their photo and posting their name.

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