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LOCAL COLUMNIST: Spring brings many fond memories

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Pam Terrell Walker, a native of Rome, is a paralegal in Calhoun. Readers may email her at

“Through the years, fond memories linger…to recall these happy days...”

These words, culled directly from East Rome High School’s alma mater, will doubtless be familiar to many of you. The late Wallace Wilkinson, former East Rome High School coach, is the author. He did a great job.

ERHS ALMA MATER ON RADIO STATION 96 ROCK: One Friday afternoon several years ago I was on my way home from work in Atlanta. The DJ came on the radio and said, “…I’m getting a lot of calls from people having high school reunions this weekend. Call me and sing your alma mater!” Moments later, I heard a woman singing East Rome High School’s alma mater! She sang it beautifully. The DJ said, “Wow! Where are you from? Name the school again. That is the best alma mater I’ve ever heard!”

TIME FOR HIGH SCHOOL and COLLEGE GRADUATION: Shorter University, Berry College and Georgia Highlands College recently conducted their graduation ceremonies. This weekend there are several high school graduations which will take place around Rome. Fresh faced graduates will proudly wear their cap ’n gown, some of whom will also wear the honors recognitions for which they worked very hard. An exceedingly happy occasion, it makes us think of new beginnings, a great future and opportunities of which to take advantage.

LETTING GO … TIME TO MOVE ON: Seeing our children graduate and proceed to the next achievements in life is our reward for being good parents! My parents let go of me with a great deal of style and grace. If it was difficult for them to watch me leave home, they never let on. I was that baby that was so wanted after Mama had two miscarriages. My parents were wonderful people and I really miss them. Both teachers, they encouraged me and often said, “You can do it!”

WE CELEBRATED MOTHER’S DAY LAST WEEK: And my thoughts turned to the days when my children left home for school and their new life. We were a very close family of three because I was a single parent. I adamantly maintain that those of us who are single parents feel everything very keenly.

My children were high achieving teens who did very well in school. My daughter is a classically trained violinist. My son is an Eagle Scout. They graduated from high school and college with honors. I knew I had done my job very well and it was time to move on. They were well equipped for the next phase of their life at every age and stage. Both of them now have remarkable careers. That is something of which I am exceedingly proud!

Saturday we took the youngest grandchild to Zoo Atlanta. We rode the carousel and the train and saw the panda bears. Then we had a picnic. At the picnic my children presented me with several very thoughtful presents. We had so much fun and, of course, we took several dozen pictures. It was a delightful way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

TIME OF YOUR LIFE: My son graduated from high school in 2000. Green Day came out with a song that year called “Time Of Your Life.” Part of the song is, “Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road. Time grabs you by the wrist, Directs you where to go … I hope you had the time of your life.”

One should have the time of their life in high school and college, as well. Happy days? Definitely. A turning point. Graduation. Time to move on.

To those of you who have children, grandchildren and friends graduating from high school this weekend, be sure to recall these happy days.

Congratulations to all our high school and college graduates from the class of 2018.

Native Roman Pam Walker is a paralegal and welcomes email to her at