It was one of those quiet nights which we seldom had. We had not had a call for several hours and the night was slipping away. I looked at my watch and saw that it was 2 a.m. It sure was quiet for a Saturday.

I would go behind the levee when it was a quiet morning and walk around. I headed for the levee. I pulled through the waterway behind the levee and I got the surprise of my life. There on the river was a light. The river was lit up like a Christmas Tree. I stepped down on the gas pedal and got to the river. Nothing, the river was as dark as the night.

I got out of the car and walked over and looked up and down the river. Nothing, it was quiet and dark. I walked back to the car and opening the door, I sat down. I must have sat there at least 30 minutes. I turned my feet around on the floor board and shut the door. I started to pull off when the river lit up and a light came up it. The light was moving at such a speed that before I could get out of the car it was gone. Yes, I said it was gone. It was nowhere in sight. I pulled off and went to headquarters.

I asked a couple of officers who were in the station if they had seen lights on the river. One of them laughed saying, “It won’t do you any good, Lieutenant. We went down the Horse Leg Creek Road trying to find the source of the light. We never found anything that would match up with it. We found no light anywhere, but I will tell you when you see it again get out of the car and look up.”

“Hey, what do you mean, look, up?”

I heard him laugh as the car door shut.

I must have looked bum-fussled for the dispatcher asked, “Trouble Lieutenant?”

I smiled at him and said, “Every thing is lovely, just lovely.” I went into my office and got some paper work out. I sat there but couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing.

I went out on Shorter Avenue to a convenience store and got a hot dog and some chips. I went back to the river behind the levee. I spread my food on the trunk of the car and began to eat. I ate very slowly for I was watching the river. I finished the hot dog and was munching on the chips. Finished, I took my garbage and put it in the sack. I was bent over placing the garbage in the car when down the river where the curve was, it was lit up.

I went to the front of the car to where I could get a look without anything in front of me. I heard the patrol car pull up and the others get out and come over to me.

“Keep your eyes on it, Lieutenant!”

I watched as the light grew bigger and bigger. The closer it got, the brighter it was. It stopped where the river made a bend and it stood still spinning for a few seconds. Then so fast you couldn’t keep up with it, it shot straight up and disappeared into the sky. I turned to the officers and shook my head.

“What do you think, Lieutenant, is it real or some kind of U.F.O.?”

What was it? I don’t know. Was it a U.F.O? I don’t know. Was someone having fun at our expense? When it came up the river I thought it might be someone flying one of those lawn mowers airplanes. You know the kind I mean. I never heard any kind of motor. With one of those it sounded like a lawn mower flying over head.

The one thing I still remember is the light. It was the brightest light I believe that I ever saw. The light was round and was big. The light was too big to be carried by anyone. It was not driven by any sounding motor. It came straight at us then before hitting us went straight up. Then before you could blink your eye it was gone.

What was it? I never found out. Where did it come from? Again, I never found out. It was something that we weren’t meant to know. I know that some of you have seen things at night and wondered what it was. Don’t tell people what you see and hear, for they will laugh at you.

Lonie Adcock of Rome is a retired Rome Police Department lieutenant. His latest book is “Fact or Fiction.”

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