Picture it. Rome City Auditorium. May, 1974. Graduation. East Rome High School’s Class of 1974. I was there. That was my class.

Do the math. That will soon be 45 years ago. It must be time for a class reunion. More about that later.

High school cliques

Most high schools in the ’70s had five cliques: jocks, band geeks, nerds, misfits and hippies. Yep, our school had the usual cliques. I, by choice, did not belong to any of them. Seamlessly I moved in out of said cliques. Everybody was my friend. I was everybody’s friend. I always had time for my friends.

Music in the ’70s

Let’s talk about music from the ’70s. Pop (The Monkees; The Rascals; Paul Revere & the Raiders), Motown (Temptations; The Spinners; Aretha Franklin), rock (Steppenwolf; Rolling Stones), hard rock (Deep Purple; Yes; Emerson, Lake and Palmer), “horn bands” (Blood, Sweat and Tears; Chicago). We did have some great music, didn’t we? Remembering all that great music makes for some really good conversation at a class reunion.

I love my classmates. Several people from our class adamantly maintain that I am the class social secretary. When I say to them, “I’m not the class social secretary,” their inevitable reply is, “Pam, you know how to keep us together.” What a nice thing to say.

I had an idea for a reunion, which I thought would be fun: A picnic at Heritage Park followed by live music in downtown Rome. I thought we could plan it to coincide with the Arts Walk and the block party. I took a straw poll and everybody thought that sounded like fun.

One year our class had a Friday night tailgate picnic at Heritage Park and then we all went to a Rome High football game. We had a great time. Mama said, “Well, if they run you off from Heritage Park, y‘all can all just go downtown.” Yep. Mama knew exactly what we liked to do back in the day.

I have a B.A. in speech communications from Shorter. My internship was in public relations and event planning at Riverbend Mall. I’ve done a lot of event planning. Even with resources like Facebook, getting the word out about an event and getting people to attend is challenging! I am not sure that it will be I who plans the reunion at hand. However, it sure would be a shame to let this, the 45th anniversary of our graduation from high school, go by without a party of some sort.

They told us that graduation would be the last time we would be together like that. They were right. Every few years we go to our class reunions, park our troubles at the door and have fun. We need these class reunions because they keep us connected to each other. When we gather for a class reunion we are, once again, that high school class.

Evidently our class is, in fact, having a picnic at Heritage Park. Nevertheless, if you know anybody who graduated from E.R.H.S. in 1974, ask them to email me. The social secretary needs some help.

Native Roman Pam Walker is a paralegal, a history enthusiast, and an avid reader of Southern fiction. Readers may email her at pamtwalker@gmail.com.