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GUEST COLUMNIST: Lowering the presidential standard

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Willie Mae Samuel

Willie Mae Samuel, founder and director of the African American Connection for the Performing Arts in Rome

There are a few readers who expect others to lower their standards of what they as American citizens should expect the president of this great country to be, because we have a president in the White House who has no standards. Trump has proven to America since 2008, along with these nine plus months, who he is and what he is. This man will do and say anything that comes to his mind. He has no conscience and nothing seems to bother him. He enjoys bullying others. He likes to inflict pain both physically and mentally on others. He stated himself that once he knocks a man down, he is not pleased until he kicks him in the face. Can you imagine that? Remember, I am speaking of the U.S. president. I often wonder what life was like in that lonely private school at which his dad dropped him off at age 13.

If Trump gets up to read a written speech that someone else has composed for him, and he reads through it all the way, he gets accolades and certificates for outstanding reading. What is this?! This country has played a major role in lowering the standard for the highest office of our land. Once standards are set, to ask another human to lower his standards is like telling the wind to stop blowing. I would suggest that if you are a tweeter that you tweet the president and tell him to raise his standards.

It was suggested that some of us should stop bashing the president and give him a chance because America is tired of lies and corruptions. I laughed a couple of days before replying. This is one of the most corrupt, lying administrations ever to set foot in the White House. Many of his supporters think that it has to do with Trump or Republicanism. No! It has to do with lies and corruptions. This man said that he was going to take back the White House and drain the swamp. Instead of draining the swamp, it seems that he has directed the plumbers to run the septic tank lines so that all of the sewerage will run directly into the White House. He and his followers have turned the White House into an outhouse. It is beginning to smell.

He is a prime example of the type of person we should teach the young and impressionable not to emulate. I used to ask young children to tell what they wanted to be when they grew up. Many would rattle of some avocations, and yet some with great aspirations would say the president of the United States. These children would say it with great pride and dignity. Most times, because of the realization of what a great accomplishment that would be, they would jump up on their toes while saying it. Before President Obama became president of this great country, children of color would call out everything except president. After President Obama was elected even children of color began to say it with jubilation and great expectation. They believed that it would take honesty and decency, integrity, intelligence, empathy, compassion, loyalty, tolerance and self- control to be the president of this great country called America, because that is what President Obama represented to them. President Obama brought hope to all marginalized people and people of color across the world.

I am literally afraid to ask children the question now. I am afraid of what some will answer. How and why did we let this happen? In an attempt to degrade him some people called him “No Drama Obama.” Even Trump’s best lawyers could not find any dirt on the president other than finding out that he smoked cigarettes and played basketball in shorts. One Republican group caught him eating a hamburger that cost $17, and they accused him of spending too much of the government’s money. They eventually got over that.

Those of you who once saw the highest office in this country as an enviable position, please still consider it a great position. President Obama proved to us that it is a position to be admired, respected and protected. Let us still keep the American presidency lifted in high esteem and explain to the young children that sometimes things happen, but life and hope and dreams and aspirations for our future must continue. Lessons learned from our mistakes tend to have a greater impact on us than our successes.

I pray that the majority of Americans benefit the same way.

Willie Mae Samuel is the founder and director of the African American Connection for the Performing Arts in Rome.