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GUEST COLUMN: We are about to see the kind of government we haven’t seen in a long time

Rev. Nelson Price

The Rev. Nelson Price is pastor emeritus of Roswell Street Baptist Church in Marietta and a former chairman of the Shorter University board of trustees.

Donald Trump is an amalgam, a mixture of many traits.

He defies convention. He is at times vulgar and at time shows moral courage. He is an elitist as well as populist. He is a sophisticate and a commoner with the ability to relate to both. He is said by some to be a threat to our Constitution and by others a defender. He is a man for all seasons.

There is a lot to like and a lot to dislike about him. He did not cower before the PC police who instituted our present form of government. He was an outlier who identified a broad base of disenfranchised people who had been disenfranchised by people who were not, but who claimed to be, disenfranchised and deserving of rights.

He is “idiomatic,” meaning one who shows understanding of and sympathy for the concerns of ordinary people, and who has rapport with and acceptance by ordinary people. His enormous rallies across the nation confirm this. However, no one person is acceptable by all people, therefore many reject him. However, he seems unperturbed by that.

He is a latitudinarian, a man with a broad view. It is his ability to relate to the masses that frightens some. They perceive he could lead mob resistance and radical action. However, it is his opponents who are doing this. They are the ones frightening millions by radical and often destructive protests, claiming their reason for doing it is they are afraid he will do it.

We are about to see government like it hasn’t been seen in so long many don’t know what good government looks like.

This change, regardless of how good it proves to be, is going to be disruptive to those who developed the status quo being changed. Resistance and protest can be expected. A rapidly draining of a tub often causes a sucking noise. Expect it and recognize its distinctive sound.

The “draining of the swamp” is not only going to involve a change of personnel. It is primarily going to involve reducing the size of government: czars, bureaus, departments, and other bureaucratic agencies. At risk of being abolished are such major entities as the Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency. Bodies like these have assumed to themselves executive, legislative, and judicial authority.

The separation of governmental authority as identified in our Constitution even relates to federal and state government. In recent years the federal government has assumed some authority originally invested in the states. This is likely to shift back to the original intent. This shift in many instances will apply to the two agencies noted.

Budget restraints will also be a part of the drain.

Shrinking government while very popular with many is broadly frowned upon in education, media, and entertainment cultures. These are the venues to which millions are exposed. Their blowback to Trump’s agenda will result in much of society resenting and resisting it.

This is highly personal. I don’t believe God makes anyone do His will, but I do believe He brings influences on people to give them guidance in making decisions. If I am right, we would do well to pray for Trump and our legislative bodies to have guidance.

The Rev. Nelson Price is pastor emeritus of Roswell Street Baptist Church in Marietta and a former chairman of the Shorter University board of trustees.