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GUEST COLUMN: Touched: Part 2 of a ‘Touch’ing tale

Lonie Adcock

Lonie Adcock of Rome is a retired Rome Police Department lieutenant. His latest book is "Fact or Fiction."

In this the second chapter in the story of “Touched,” we hear the sad man’s story and Jay’s response.

Bill LeCroy had been born and raised on the farm. His parents had passed away but he kept the farm. Bill had took pneumonia and it had took a toll on him. He was weak and couldn't bring in his crop. He talked to Jay and told him his problems. Jay listened, then got to his feet and said, "Tomorrow I will help to get your crop in." He left assuring Bill that he would get some help They watched as he turned his wagon toward the country store.

Jay pulled up in front of the store where there was some people sitting on the porch playing checkers. He stood silent for a few minutes, then something happened that startle the people. Jay Stone had raised his voice to a point that everyone could hear him. He told them about Bill LeCroy and his problems and the condition of the family. No one made a sound as he spoke. He stopped talking and looked around. Then he spoke again.

"In the morning I will be in the field behind the house picking his tomatoes and beans, come and join me."

He turned and walked back to his wagon. He stepped up in to the wagon and said, "In the morning at day break." He drove off down the road saying, "In the morning, see you there." Every one stared after the wagon. This did not sound like the Jay they knew.

Jay was in the field the next morning when the people began to arrive. With the help of Moses he had set out a stack of baskets. As the people came in, the baskets began to fill. The wives of the people had brought food and when it came time to eat there was plenty of food. The women had gone to the house to help the people in the house. At the end of the day the wagon was loaded for Jay to carry to town the following day. They left with the understanding they would be back when needed.

Jay set out the next morning headed for town. He arrived at the local farming market. The market being low on goods, paid him a good price . Jay got the list of stuff that was needed for the LeCroy house and then went by a doctor office. He talked to the doctor who made him a medicine for Bill. Pleased with his day’s work he headed back home. He was late getting home, so he waited until the next morning to deliver the goods to the house.

True to their word, the people in the settlement looked after Bill until he got back on his feet.

It was a Sunday morning and Jay was sitting on his front porch reading his Bible when he saw a wagon turn off of the road. Jay had been sitting in a swing picking on his guitar and singing hymns. Jay always gave Sunday as a day of rest and to praise his maker. He put down the guitar and walked out to meet the people in the wagon. When they got close he could see that they were the LeCroys.

Bob LeCroy stuck out his hand and Jay took it. In a good firm grip from Bill he knew he had a friend. Bill explained that thanks to him he was doing great and wanted to share a Sunday dinner with him. Where the church had been an outside class room had been built for the children. It still stood with benches and tables in it. The food was placed on the table and with a thank you prayer, the feast began. Jay could not think back on how long it had been since he had a meal that good.

In the next chapter of this three part series, Jay’s life is changed forever. See the Jan. 27 issue for the touching ending. Lonie Adcock of Rome is a retired Rome Police Department lieutenant. His latest book is “Fact or Fiction.”