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GUEST COLUMN: The death of the last statesman

Willie Mae Samuel

Willie Mae Samuel, founder and director of the African American Connection for the Performing Arts in Rome

Having grown up on a farm I have vivid images of what happens to the swine when they are young and the farmer plans to send them to market or to kill them on the farm after they mature. The male swine are castrated so that they will be easy to handle and when hog killing time comes the meat is palatable.

Now one maybe wondering how does this relate to our situation in Washington, D.C. Recently I have seen men go to Washington as full-fledged, and vital with great ideas, and before arriving they had reputations to bring about positive changes in our great nation.

Time after time I have heard Donald Trump make it clear that he has big hands, and therefore he is well endowed. I was not aware that that was a warning to the men to get ready for their future castration. My question is where does the castration of these men take place? When does Trump pull the life out of them that they have no fight. One can tell by their behavior after it happens. They run around like little lap dogs. When he calls them names, they look at him as if to ask, “Is there more?” Does Trump castrate those men in the Oval Office by shaming them and reminding them of favors that they asked of him in the past? Does he let them ride on Presidential plane and they get giddy and excited and forget that their manhood is at stake?

Do they just walk in and turn themselves over to Trump, saying, “Here I am. Just go ahead and have at it?” One cannot look at their faces and see a physical change which would reveal that they have been castrated. It is only when they begin lying that we can tell. Once he castrates them, he is then able to talk to them in any manner that he chooses. Trump can degrade them and call them names like lying Ted, ole ineffective Mitch, Rex, sleepy Carson, weak minded Sessions, sweaty hand Rubio, and they come running back for more.

That process of castration makes them easy to handle just as it does the pigs. They just wallow in mud and never consider appearing as decent men again. From that day forward the truth is never a part of their repertoire. They agree that stealing money from the poor is a good idea. These men begin to behave as if they are above the law. They spend millions of tax payers’ dollars that they claim we do not have. Trump hypnotizes them so that when they come out from under the trance, things that were important to them before the trance, have been erased.  These men call right wrong and wrong right. They lose their empathy if they have ever had any, and become self-centered, egotistical individuals. Blaming others for their failures. Integrity is tossed in the sea of forgetfulness never to be remembered again.  They forget most pronouns like we, us and our. Those pronouns are replaced by me, myself and I.

They become men with no restraint and no dignity. They begin to support the ugliest aspects of human nature. The hope of many was dashed to pieces as we watched John Kelly stand flat-footed and lie about the congress woman from Florida. I listened to him and believed his every word until the actual speech of the congress woman was played from beginning to end. Kelly’s entire description of what she said and how she said it was fabricated.

Now that I think about it, I suppose he closes his eyes and his ears when the man he is supposed to be babysitting begins to speak and his every word is about himself. How do we hear what we want to hear, and then we go tone deaf when the person that we are with does or says the same thing on a daily basis? Why did he not tell Trump not to give himself a grade of 10 for what he has done for Puerto Rico? It has been a month and thousands of people have not seen any one representing FEMA.  One group in another isolated section said that some soldiers came and brought papers for them to fill out in order to get aid, but they have not had any help. One group was sent a memo to go on line and fill out the information requesting aid. Be mindful now, these people have no power, no water no food, but our government expects them to get to the computer to fill out papers in order for FEMA to give them aid. (Immoral and insane) No adult can quietly whisper to the man in charge of the White House and say “Sir, they are in the dark over there. You know … like no power.” Sad. That is the typical behavior of castrated men.

I was one of many hoping that General Kelly was the last adult in the room. Now all HOPE in him has gone. After seeing that he, too, has been in the White House long enough to have been castrated, we realize that he has allowed himself to be stuffed with straw, and Trump has thrown him under the bus where his manhood got crushed. No one is sure if the bus did it, or if he had been castrated just before he got pushed. 

Willie Mae Samuel is the founder and director of the African American Connection for the Performing Arts in Rome.