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GUEST COLUMN: Rendering men spineless

Willie Mae Samuel

Willie Mae Samuel, founder and director of the African American Connection for the Performing Arts in Rome

Did anyone notice the leaning over and scrumming manner in which Paul Ryan talked about his reaction to Trump’s label for the Haitians, and some African people? When asked by the reporter what did he think about the statement made by Trump, he said with his head bowed, “I thought not helpful,” and then the castrated, spineless man went on to say,

“We have some bright Africans in our community and they have businesses...” What kind of crazy answer was that? He was glancing out of one eye to see if he could spot Trump hearing him. As Trump says, “Sad.”

At least Paul Ryan leaned over and spoke, even though fearful. But our Georgia man, Sen. David Perdue, along with Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, came out of an important meeting where a heated discussion took place with the president of the United States, as well as Sen. Dick Durbin and Sen. Lindsey Graham, and their response was that they did not remember the words that were said by the Mr. Trump. Sad again!

Following this label of people of color coming from s---hole countries by Mr. Trump, many people began debating is he racist or is he A RACIST? In order to be racist one must have certain beliefs, and he or she espouses a belief indicating that if you are not like him/her you are lower than he/she is in the human chain. He may move through life holding those views and in a few instances exchanging the ideas in the family and in church groups and community meetings. An individual with racist beliefs is usually the result of being taught at home, school or church that color makes a difference. I have many friends now who admit that their parents and church community held racist teaching. These individuals realized, as they matured, that we all have choices in life. The environment in which we grow up has a huge impact on who we become, but it does not have the final say. We all know that — no matter what side of the track we grow up on — we gravitate to our own kind in thoughts and sometime in deed. So each one of us have some racist tendencies and ideas. We must resist that tendency to give favor to our kind based ONLY on race.

Now A RACIST is an individual who has been fed that rhetoric all of his or her life and might have been threatened by parents or the authority figure in his or her life if he fought against the teaching. He or she was told that he would always be considered first for opportunities if he walked and talked that belief that he/she is better than anyone who is not like him. That way of thinking becomes imbedded in the psyche and it remains there. It is not impossible to change, but it is very difficult. No law, no shame, no reprimand will bring about the change. Only a consciousness of morality, brought on by a power bigger than man, can effect change. Some extreme examples of these kinds of people are George Wallace, Lester Maddox, Bull Conner and Strom Thurman (mind you, he had a black daughter, and I must give him credit he never neglected her).

Please remember that there are particular dangers when A RACIST gets in a position and begins to abuse others because he or she has those beliefs. These same people who are covering for Trump and saying, “Oh, no, he is not a racist,” evidently have no idea what a racist is. A RACIST is an individual who has prejudice and bias against people who are not like him or her. He then goes on to use his position and power to step on the necks of those that he deems less than he is.

When he uses that power and position, the purpose is to cripple the person or group in the area of housing, jobs, opportunities, and fair and just treatment by the law. He will always aim to make sure the oppressed remains under his feet. Trump will never be satisfied until he and his followers can make “America White again.” Their thinking is that as long as we bring in these people of color, America cannot be great. When Trump lived in New York surrounded by all kinds of people, there is no telling how much disdain, animosity and hate he held toward the people in his neighborhood — especially with a Dad who was a member of the KKK. Fred Trump was a great influence on his son, Donald. He sent him out in the world with $9 million and said, “Go out and reek havoc on the world, but first you must render the men and women impotent …. and after that, if they still stand up, just go ahead and cut the spines out so that they cannot stand up as men and women. They will be afraid of you. Never take your foot off their necks. Keep humiliating them. Call them ugly names, they will not reciprocate. You will be fighting decent guys who were not indoctrinated with evil ideas as you were. Never trust them, however, but always dangle the fruit of what they want in their faces. Just take people like Sen. Graham and make him think that you are going to give him that Attorney General’s position when Tillerson is fired. Trick him the way you did Mitt Romney, Chris Christy, Rudy Giuliana, by inviting them to dinner and sending them flying away from the White House looking like the spineless, castrated cowards that they are.

I am sure Fred Trump told him as he was going out to reek havoc on the world that he could not do what the KKK did in the past to Black men when America was “great” and White. He must have said that there are different ways to render men impotent nowadays without castrating them the old way. Just curse them and call them stupid, crazy, weak, sick puppies and SOBs, after that they will bow down to your feet and beg for more. Fred taught Donald well. Donald always says “I was a good student,” and for a while I called him a liar, but since further study I am repositioning myself and my thoughts.

The ole boy is smart. He has outsmarted 66 percent of America in his attempt to make America “great” and White again, and we are letting him. Are we not by being quiet and making excuses for him?

Willie Mae Samuel is the founder and director of the African American Connection for the Performing Arts in Rome.