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GUEST COLUMN:Nothing is wrong with selling one’s book

Willie Mae Samuel

Willie Mae Samuel, founder and director of the African American Connection for the Performing Arts in Rome

Just as on Facebook everybody wants to come off as if he or she is a ‘preacher,’ so it is with the media. Everybody wants to write and sell a book at any cost. Donna Brazile must feel that she has to be one of the top book sellers now that Carson has sold his book along with his soul to the Trumpism Movement. After the election was all over, he also allowed himself to get put in a position to do much damage to the people he is supposed to serve.

Carson accepted the position because he was the only one on the team who had lived near a HUD neighborhood when he was young. All of Trump’s other team members thought the HUD stood for Hoodlum Under-Dogs. The others were all Wall Street participants by inside trading and other underhanded transactions. The only clean member of Trump’s Cabinet is Nikki Haley, who is from South Carolina. Being from South Carolina myself makes me proud to say that political decency can come out of South Carolina.

The HUD beneficiaries are the poor, the hopeless, the jobless and the handicapped. These are the ones that Ben Carson is responsible for taking care of. Ben Carson showed up for his first hearing to give the Congress an up-to- date report on how HUD was progressing or declining and to share changes with the Congress; however, Ben showed up with not one ‘stitch’ of information in his head. It was said that he did have a copy of his book in hand.

Remember this is the man who ran for president along with 15 other candidates. This is the neurosurgeon who can operate on an individual’s brain. This is the man in which Donald Trump could find only one fault and that was that he seems sleepy all the time. Donald had allowed him to come along and sell his book and to also make people think that he (Donald Trump) actually liked people of color. Carson obliged him, thanked him for the offer, packed up his books, jumped on board, and instead of studying how to govern the people of America, held book signings.

So in light of Carson’s ‘success,’ Mrs. Brazile decided that she was not going to let everybody have a successful book sale and leave her out. She was already feeling neglected and rejected. She had tried to get attention earlier by saying that she had given Hillary the answers to a couple of questions for the second debate. At that time my thoughts were “Now, Donna why would you think that one of the brightest women in politics would need you to feed her answers to political questions, and you can hardly speak yourself?” That sharing of trash died down, and the only one who thought that accusation was worth repeating was Donald Trump.

After the sharing of the trash did not catch on fire, Donna went back in her corner. While in her corner, Donne huffed and puffed until she blew herself into a monster, out to get revenge on anyone. She continued to feel the need to be heard so she did what my son said should NEVER be done. He said, “First of all if you are privy to have information that is harmful to the character of an individual or group, and you received it through confidential means even if it can be confirmed, I suggest that you think of two most important things before sharing the gossip or rumor. Ask yourself “who is going to be helped by your sharing it, and who is going to get hurt?” When those two questions are answered, and the fall-out is weighed, then and only then should the individual proceed.

Brazile’s answer must have been, “It will help me get some book sales because it is dirt on Hillary and many people want this dirt.” She never thought of the fact that Hillary was the only Democratic candidate running and was within her rights to take control of the finances. There was nothing illegal about that, and again, let us remember Hillary was the ONLY Democrat in the race.

Senator Bernie Sanders is a fire cracker of a politician, but he never acknowledged that he was a Democrat. Even today he does not call himself a Democrat. Donna needs to ask herself why the Republicans pressed so terribly hard for Donald Trump to sign the pledge that he would run as a Republican. He would not have been allowed to use any of the money used for the finances for the Republican Party during the campaign had he not signed. In the early stages of the campaign, Bernie Sanders told everyone that he was running as a Progressive Independent Candidate, and never did he change that. So, in reality, he was not entitled to what he did get.

So Donne Brazile, your book may sell, but many arguments will come against it from this point on. You opened up and cried foul for a very selfish reason. You will go down in history as a sour-grapes member of the Democratic Party. The rule of law now is if you see something wrong say something at the time of your seeing the error or the crime. What is the advantage of telling those in charge that you saw a robbery 12 months after the robbery took place. By that time the robber would have spent all of the money, and his trail of evidence will have grown cold.

You have a right to sell your book and profit from it, but not at the expense of someone else. If you had yelled foul 12 months ago, your yelling would be given some validity today. All we are hearing at this late date is the loud screaming of a woman, passed over and scorned who is out for revenge. Go and take your seat Donna before you grow even smaller in the sight of those who once had respect for you.

Willie Mae Samuel is the founder and director of the African American Connection for the Performing Arts in Rome.