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GUEST COLUMN: My discordant fellow Americans:

Rev. Nelson Price

The Rev. Nelson Price is pastor emeritus of Roswell Street Baptist Church in Marietta and a former chairman of the Shorter University board of trustees.

You have strewn your calling cards across the land scarring it physically and culturally. You have decreed as moral that which for years has been considered wrong. You have left burned out cars in our streets, store fronts marred, and businesses looted. College campuses have become parade grounds for truants, many of which are fortunate to have their “education” subsidized by government funds.

From the ramparts of the judiciary, the halls of legislation, the lofty parapets of education, and by the polluted mainstream media you have changed America.

You have won time and again. Culturally, as in military warfare, to the victor goes the spoils. Without consideration of the rights of others, you have asserted your own. You have excoriated any who did not walk in lockstep with you.

You fill the streets with protesters chanting slogans against the very law enforcement personnel who protect you, you carry placards decrying those who disagreed with you, and shout profanities at those you disdained because they do not applaud you.

Our sons and daughters put on the uniforms of our country and went abroad hunting those who would come here to harm you and us. They left families and friends to risk their lives to shield you, and you belittle them. While they were engaged in life threatening activities to protect your life, you have preened and pouted on stages. Your voices have been raised in protests against anything you disliked.

Increasingly our society has become dark and dysfunctional as a result of your perfidious conduct. You have bound the giants of commerce and industry by innumerable regulations and edicts.

You have engaged in rallies in large part organized by militant supporters of those who feel we who do not share their faith must either be killed or converted to believe as they. Many who feel comfortable in your ranks have been duped by your disingenuous rhetoric.

Presently our nation is led by persons you hold in contempt.

In “sackcloth and ashes” you lament this hour and protest the electoral process that has long benefited you.

You demand inclusion when it is you who determines what inclusiveness includes and practice exclusion of those who do not agree with you.

With elevated angry tones you protest the transformation going on in our country because you are disappointed with the outcome of the election. Your bereavement has transformed into violence. Your remonstrance has been to call down fire and brimstone on all who do not share your point of view

Those in the ranks of the many who celebrate the change going on have in their past defeats felt as deeply as you. By comparison to your reaction they suffered in silence and prayed,

“God save us from ourselves.” They did not use the torch of liberty to ignite fires of insurrection, but to illumine the path of the patriot.

Oh, by the way, even heaven has a wall, a gate, and extreme vetting.

To you disconsolate we make this appeal. In spite of our differences we would like to walk in accord with you, so stop your whining and griping and give harmony a chance. We must learn to disagree without being disagreeable.

In order that you will have some idea who I am, I resort to a sobriquet by which you identified me, I am one of the Irredeemables from the Basket of Deplorables.

The Rev. Nelson Price is pastor emeritus of Roswell Street Baptist Church in Marietta and a former chairman of the Shorter University board of trustees.