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GUEST COLUMN: Destroy our planet is the name of the game

Willie Mae Samuel

Willie Mae Samuel, founder and director of the African American Connection for the Performing Arts in Rome

This phenomenal change is worth noting. Many pages back I stated that my concern for America is not Democrat or Republican, but blatant indecency and moral decay in every aspect of our lives, and we are standing on the sidelines as if we are spectators. We usually have the debate about which one comes first, the chicken or the egg. Somewhere down the road of life generations to come will be debating which one came first with America. Were the people destroyed before the planet, or did the people stand and watch the planet while it was being destroyed and died after that?

My concern is for the heart of America. What is happening today that will be a teachable moment for our children? For most parents have been teaching their children to treat others as you would like to be treated, in order to have a friend show yourself friendly, and to thine own self be true, and you will find yourself being true to others. These characteristics do not hinge on the Democratic or the Republican side, but on the side of moral integrity. These qualities do not hang on which party holds the majority seats.

Fifteen or 20 years ago when I became active in watching politics from the grassroots level, many locals were supporting the Democrats. When this first Black president won, many locals left the local Democratic Party — need I say why? So my dear people, I am calling for decency in our thinking and our behavior even if you have an R or a D on you voter registration card.

The pain and the sadness, that many Americans are experiencing, and all of us should be experiencing, are coming from the duplicity of the beliefs from the White House supported by most of the members of the Republican party. When President Obama was in the White House they were against “Big Government,” and now they are supporting BIGGER Government’s intervention in EVERY aspect of our lives. They refused to support Obama’s spending plan because it would increase our deficit, but one year later to increase it by $1.5 trillion is okay. Drill for oil under the porches of the states: that is just fine. Let those poultry farmers do as they please. Those local plants are not able to produce the bacteria-filled chickens as fast as they should and that is causing them to lose money. Let the factories dump waste in the streams. To put controls on them is costing them money. Cut back on the inspections, that, too, will not only save the government money, but it will save the business owners’ money. They are also considering the idea of cutting out inspecting the eating facilities. “Leave the businesses alone so that they can make money” is their position.

As a matter of fact, do you realize that Scott Pruitt, who is the administrator of the EPA, had said — and is still saying — that actually we do not need an Environmental Protection Agency. Since he has been appointed, he has not meet with the workers at all. Just this week the workers walked away from their positions because the administrator refuses to meet with them. People, we are on our own when it comes to abuses in the form of diseases, bacteria and pollution of all kind. You do know that funds from the Center of Disease Control have already been cut.

This man who is heading the agency has a lawsuit against the department, and that was one main qualification that he had for getting the position. You must realize that any leader who does not believe in climate change would not believe that consumers need protection. Protection from what? Just this past week the funds for the Agency was pulled.

Trump has given orders for the staff to pull up every executive order that President Obama signed to protect the American people and the environment so that he can reverse every one of them. We should blame him not, because if you hire a clown to run the country more than likely you are going to get a circus or a carnival. I know if you have any political insight, you see the circus operating every day. We did not support Malcolm X when he said by any means necessary, and he was speaking of freedom and dignity. (It was strange, however, we did support the idea when Patrick Henry said it. I wonder why?) We now have a leader who says (in so many words): “Get rich by any means necessary… step on the heads and necks of anyone who gets in your way. Go bankrupt five times if necessary, refuse to pay the little insignificant laborers. They cannot do anything to a rich man who is used to running with the Russian mob and other people with low morals. Money can buy 17 women off, and you see everyone else who did the same thing that I did lost, but I have a group of deplorables who will hold me up no matter what.”

My and your concern should be our children and our world. We are now showing less concern for the future of the world and the lives that will be affected than most of the Third World countries. We are the only great nation to not be a part of the Paris Climate Control agreement. The 70 year-old child sitting in the White House cannot, and is not, doing this alone. This situation is about LIFE or DEATH for our children and grandchildren. We will not be able to explain the disease riddled planet to them because we will not be able to justify it to ourselves.

Willie Mae Samuel is the founder and director of the African American Connection for the Performing Arts in Rome.