Last week I wrote that my connections to Rome are ongoing and far reaching. I would like to speak to that again this week. Within the past two weeks, Louise Baker Wade and Sunny McAfee Walker passed away. They were both longtime friends of ours.

Louise lived in our neighborhood and was in school with my brother, Steve, and my husband, Stan. They were in school together from 1st grade at Northside all the way through high school at East Rome, Class of ‘66.

We were active members of First United Methodist Church, and so were Sunny and her family. Sunny was in East Rome’s class of ’66. Sunny’s youngest sister, Jean, was in East Rome’s class of ’74 with me. See what I meant about connections to Rome?

Labor Day ushers in September

This is my favorite time of year. Labor Day ushers in September. It is late summer and the days are gradually getting shorter. The cool weather is not yet here and daylight savings time is not yet over. Football season is underway.

Late September brings us Fall. I usually cruise through September in anticipation of October and many activities every year.

My granddaughter and I have an October birthday. October brings us the pumpkin patch, fire pits, football games, the Coosa Valley Fair, Peach State Marching Festival, Chiaha Harvest Fair and Haunted on Broad. We mark the end of October with Halloween, and the end of Daylight Savings Time.

By the end of October, the leaves are beginning to fall, and the weather gets cooler. We can host fire pit parties which, without s’mores, would not be complete. October is definitely the month I look forward to most.

My word theme for 2019 is ‘joy’

In my weekly column, I began 2019 explaining that my word theme for the year is “joy.” There are so many things which can bring us abundant joy. Apple season in the north Georgia mountains. The leaves changing color. Hiking up Clocktower Hill to see the red maples and the glorious yellow ginkgo leaves. The hill, next to the old Forrest Hotel, is beautifully carpeted with yellow ginkgo leaves every fall.

Remember your friends,

and enjoy your life

I’m all about being in the moment. The only way to truly enjoy each day is to be in the moment. I have this in mind every morning when I enjoy a cup of coffee.

Whether you are at a football game, a fire pit party, or the Coosa Valley Fair this Fall, remember to be in the moment. Remember your friends. Enjoy your life.

Seasons of the year …

seasons of life

This fall we’ll be missing our friends, Louise and Sunny. Whether we are hiking up Clocktower Hill to see the red maples, or going to the pumpkin patch with my grandchildren, we will remember Louise and Sunny.

As surely as there are seasons of the year, there are seasons of life. Included in the seasons of life is bereavement. Even though it is difficult when our friends pass away, we can find joy in the midst of loss and sorrow when we remember our friends and all our great memories of them.

Native Roman Pam Walker is a paralegal, a writer, avid cyclist, history enthusiast and ardent reader of Southern fiction. Readers may email her at

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