Thank you to our city administrators and Rome city commissioners for pushing to make sure we continue what has become expected in our community — weekend voting, even during local elections.

While you can vote on the weekdays at the Floyd County Health Department at 16 E. 12th St. until Nov. 1, the city, along with the Floyd County Elections Board, made sure our fellow Romans who may not be able to get to the polls during the work week have the opportunity next weekend.

While the location is different from the weekday early voting polling location, it gives us as voters a couple of choices as to where and when we can go. Weekend voting will be available next weekend on Oct. 26-27 at the Rome Civic Center.

The city said they always intended to have weekend voting, even though it isn’t required by law for local elections, and the elections board also indicated they expect weekend voting to happen as well.

Despite some claims that adding the two days of voting to this election would be illegal, it all appears to have been a miscommunication and we’re glad it was worked out quickly and efficiently. Prior to the election board even approving weekend voting, the city had reserved the Civic Center for the two days — way to be proactive.

On the Ball

With the big news coming from the governor’s office this week about the $217.8 million expansion of Ball Packaging, it’s looking like working together works.

While the office of the governor sent out the initial announcement, we all know it was locals who put the effort in to make the deal happen. It looks like a deal that was likely long in the making and we can thank our Rome-Floyd County Development Authority and our Rome Floyd Chamber.

It also appears this cooperation will continue into the future. Original plans to have the authority offices put in what is now a fire department storage area have been stalled if not stopped completely. And that might be a good thing.

Chamber President Jeanne Krueger this week said the authority staff has a home inside the chamber building for as long as they need. She also said her staff and the authority staff are working well together. This may not just be a good thing, it may also be better than originally planned.

Many of the best efforts are collaborative efforts — we’re hoping our community will benefit from it.

Amended ordinances and misconceptions

With collaboration can come success and we’ve got high hopes for the positive vibes coming out of the Homelessness Task Force meetings recently.

On the topic of homelessness, the City Commission also approved an amended ordinance this week. Critics have characterized the amendment as a step to the wholesale criminalization of homelessness in our area. We don’t feel like that’s correct.

As a city we’ve given the police the tools they asked for and now we encourage them to use those tools wisely and humanely. On top of that we’ve got a lot of faith in Chief Denise Downer-McKinney and her command staff.


Sometimes, no matter how diligently you work, you make a mistake and this Monday was no exception. In Monday’s newspaper we ran the “mugshots” of everyone running for the Ward 1 and Ward 3 City Commission races with a reminder that early voting is open.

Well, we goofed. The names under the photos of sitting city commissioners Bill Collins, Milton Slack and Bill Irmscher were mismatched. To our readers and those city commissioners, we’d like to extend an apology. As we head into many, many more daily editions of the Rome News-Tribune, know that when we make mistakes — and if the lessons of the past hold true, we will — we will own up to them.

Thanks for reading.

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