Severo Avila

Severo Avila is Features Editor at the Rome News-Tribune.


Gender Reveals: Y’all really need to take it down a notch with the elaborate gender reveals. It’s one thing to announce to your friends and family (and even the general public) about your new baby. That’s a beautiful thing and expectant parents are understandably excited. It used to be so cute when couples would have a little surprise reveal of what the baby’s gender will be. But y’all are out of control with these big elaborate reveals. Now people throw entire gender reveal parties to showcase the actual reveal.

It used to be balloons coming out of a box. Or you’d cut a cake and the color on the inside would tell people if you were having a boy or girl. But now people are lighting fireworks or getting planes to fly overhead with a pink or blue banner. I even saw one where someone put a tag in a catfish’s mouth, put in the water and couple went noodling and caught the catfish, prying the tag out its mouth to see what color it was. It’s just too much. It’s not even about the baby anymore. It’s this big production to post on social media and show everyone how crazy or creative you can be. Please stop.


Disney photos — I didn’t say anything when y’all started posting photos of those multicolored wristbands to show everyone that you and your family are going to Disney. Now everybody does that. And I kept my mouth shut when people started posting 145 photos from Animal Kingdom like we haven’t all seen a giraffe or a lion before. But I have to speak up about the latest trend I’ve noticed — people having matching Disney-themed shirts made for EVERY DAY of their Disney vacation. Yes you heard that right. There are people right here in Rome who are making or ordering special matching shirts for every member of the family to wear each day of their trip.

The shirts say “clever” things like “I’m so fly I Neverland” and have a picture of Peter Pan on it. Or they say “What’s Poppin” and have a picture of Mary Poppins on it. Or they say “World Traveler” and have a picture of Epcot on it. First of all, who has the time and money to be ordering these custom shirts? And who thought it was a good idea for the whole family to match every day at Disney? My granny would say y’all got more money than sense.


Doing a THING — One of the most annoying things people post on social media is the phrase “So I did a thing…” followed by photos of some “accomplishment.” Usually it’s because they bought a new car. First of all, the world doesn’t need to know you bought a new car. And if you really do want to show off something you’re proud of, like winning an award or graduating or getting a promotion, then take the time to give it a more meaningful caption than the terribly cliché and overused “so I did a thing.”


Charitable birthdays — Now don’t get me wrong. I always encourage giving, especially to local organizations that help children or animals. However, am I the only one that feels inundated with notifications on social media where every day someone is having a birthday and has decided to use their birthday as an online fundraiser for some cause? It seems like every day is someone’s birthday so if you have a lot of Facebook friends like I do, every day people are asking me to donate to some organization on behalf of their birthday. It can get to be too much. And oddly enough other than the actual birthday charity post, I don’t see those people volunteering or raising money for that cause the rest of the year.


Ridiculous quizzes — Y’all need to stop filling out those stupid Facebook quizzes where it asks you your first job and the name of the street you lived on as a child or your first car and your favorite pet. No one cares about that stuff EXCEPT the identity thieves who came up with those quizzes in the first place. And people share them saying “Let’s have some fun.” Let’s not. Have you ever stopped to look at the questions? Those are the EXACT same security questions you’re asked when you have to log in to secure sites. Those are the questions you answer when you’re trying to recover your passwords. Stop giving away your information and sharing it as a “fun quiz.” Then two days later you’re back on Facebook complaining that someone hacked your account. YOU HELPED THEM DO IT, Brenda.

And while we’re on the topic of quizzes. Please stop taking those stupid quizzes to find out which “Sex and the City” character you are or what flavor of ice cream you are or which Harry Potter house you are. You’re a grown adult. Do you not have anything better to do than answer 25 questions to see which breed of dog you were in a past life?


Severo Avila is features editor for the Rome News-Tribune