How can we not feel joy and hope in the spring? It is the season of love, the birds and the bees and the birth of baby critters. The trees are budding with blossoms and new leaves, flowering and fruiting plants are emerging. What’s not to love?

I know, I know: P-O-L-L-E-N.

Pollen can be brain-numbingly bothersome for many people. I feel the pain, too, so I have tremendous sympathy for the struggle, truly. But it is one of the many beneficial bothers with which nature gifts us, right up there with snakes, freezing temperatures, biting bugs and other critters. So let’s try and set that aside and talk about spring for a minute without letting pollen “cloud” our outlook. (Hardy har har har.)

Last week I went to Alto Park Elementary School to participate in their yearly Career Day, talking to kindergartners and first-graders about what it’s like to be a beekeeper. It was my second time to do it and it is always so much fun! They do a fabulous job and are so hospitable and the students are on their best and most inquisitive behavior.

Kids really know how to look at the world in a most joyful way, don’t they? I wish we could hold on to their spirit of possibility and promise as we age. The older we get, the more jaded and grumpy and intolerant we become, it seems.

As I waited in the hallway for the programs to begin, I had the great pleasure of reading essays about spring written by Ms. Carver’s first-graders that were posted outside of their classroom. They were the perfect example of how children carry their rose-colored glasses in their hearts. Here is a mostly unedited sampling of what they have to say about spring.


Spring is my favorite time of year. I don’t like bees because they sting. Spring grows pretty flowers. We see rainbows when it rains. Rainbows are pretty. You don’t see rainbows all the time when it rains. Butterflies fly in spring always. I love spring.


Spring is so fun. Spring is the best day. Flowers grow in spring. Me and my family go swimming. Me and my mom go camping. The days get longer. Trees grow leaves. The Easter bunny visits our house. The weather is warmer. It rains a lot. Prettier flowers bloom in spring. I love camping outside. Spring is the best.


Spring is the best. My mom and I go camping outside. When it is spring the flowers bloom. The days get longer and the nights get shorter. When spring comes my family plants flowers and vegetables. We play outside when it is spring. The spring season is really pretty. Butterflies hatch in spring sometimes. Spring is pretty and colorful. Spring is fun.


Spring is fun. Sometimes there are rainbows in spring. Rainbows are pretty. It rains a lot and it’s really windy. Trees grow outside. We get to play outside. Flowers bloom in spring. Easter is fun. We can eat ice cream in spring. The weather gets warmer. It storms a lot. Bees come out. We ride bikes. We play baseball. Spring is the best season.


Spring is my favorite season. I like to see eggs in the spring. The butterflies are beautiful. I can see animals in spring. My baby can go to the park in the spring. I see rainbows in spring. My family can go to the beach. We went to the mall. People can go swimming in spring. There can be storms in spring. There can be puppies in spring. I can see Easter eggs in the spring. We can be good in spring. Spring is the best season.


Spring is a lot of fun. Then the rabes (rabbits) come out. Then the butterflies come out. Then pretty birds come out. Ducks come out. I go to the zoo in spring. The squirrels come out in spring. The lions come out in spring, too. Then turtles come out, too. Then kangaroos come out in spring, too. The days get longer.


Spring is a lot of fun. In spring beautiful flowers grow. In spring I like to play with my friend. In spring I like to go to the beach. My mom and dad like to see the bunny. In spring I like to go to the park. In spring animals have babies. In spring me and my mom can go to the zoo. My mom likes to run a lot. In spring my mom and me we like to play outside.


Spring is my favorite season. In spring the flowers grow outside. Spring is the best season. In spring I can swim. Spring is fun. I can play outside and play with my sister. I can see the sun up in the sky. Spring is fun. Easter is in the spring. In spring there are storms. Spring is my favorite season. The sun is bright in the sky. Spring is the best season. The animals get out of hibernation and they have babies. In spring it rains a lot. In spring we can eat ice cream.

Every single one was wonderful, and I wish I had room to include them all, but I will be sure to post photos of them on Facebook so you can see their cute illustrations and read what the others had to say. I will be recalling these sweet observations throughout the season in hopes of resurrecting my rose-colored glasses. We can always benefit from finding a little more joy in the world. Happy Spring!

Monica Sheppard is a freelance graphic designer, beekeeper, mother and community supporter living in Rome.