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A refreshing bid in Georgia

Willie Mae Samuel

Willie Mae Samuel, founder and director of the African American Connection for the Performing Arts in Rome


When getting to the fork in the road, and we all will as we travel this road of life whether it be in religion, politics, education, technology or any walk of life, one has to make a decision about the road that he or she will take. The road that we take when getting to that fork will make all the difference in what happens in our lives as well as the impact that we will have on others and the impact that the world and others will have on us.

Just listening to one of the candidates running for the governor of Georgia, I noticed that Stacey Abrams has chosen to take the high road or the road less traveled by, and as Robert Frost stated in his poem, “The Road Not Taken,” and that is going to make all of the difference in what we see, hear and don’t hear for the next couple of months.

Leading, and making a positive difference from the outside is Stacey Abrams’, theme. With all of the negativity in politics these days, listening to her talk about her plan to lead Georgia is refreshing to say the least. She comes from a background of lack and yet there is no bitterness because of her lack. She comes from a place of not enough, and yet her calm and pleasant tone is welcoming to our ears. She is not playing the blame game, and we should all be glad about that. Making a change from the outside and calling for us to help is an all-inclusive plea, and I believe we can help Stacey Abrams be the next governor of Georgia.

Stacey Abrams states that her story is not unique. Many times our politicians attempt to make themselves different hoping that the difference will make them more acceptable. Not true of Abrams. Her message is, “I am one of you, and I want you to consider me so.”

Let us do this together. Do what together one may ask? The answer is making Georgia better for everyone. She is aware that many Georgians have and are still experiencing the same negative things that she experienced in her family, in her community and on her job. Based on her conversations she realizes that most people in Georgia want affordable health insurance for themselves and their families. Most Georgians want decent paying jobs. Most Georgians want decent housing at a reasonable rate for all. In her heart of hearts she believes that all Georgians want top level schooling for all children. Her call is for us to lift Georgia to the highest level of governing and operating by moving the political message also to the highest level possible.

Stacey’s message leaves any decent Georgian feeling hopeful, positive, clean and just wanting to join forces with her and run on to higher grounds. There are no setbacks in her messaging. Her main point is we can do it together. Her record can be checked. The right to vote has been a passion for most of her adult life. One main mission of hers as she led from the outside was to help increase the number of registered voters. When she ventured on that mission there were over 800,000 qualified unregistered voters. She has changed that number to 300,000 and is still working on improving that number until it is zero.

Let us not listen to what is said about her but about what she says about her desire, hope and belief for Georgia. She states that she will not have a different message for different regions or sections in Georgia. The issues facing the poorest or the richest should matter to all Georgians. The balancing act is hard to play when fairness is not the primary goal.

She now holds a minority position in the political arena. Her desire was that from whatever position she was/is in, that she be allowed to have a voice. She gained respect when using that voice and has not traveled with animosity or negative messaging. Stacey speaks directly to voters because she truly believes that voters matter and their votes matter. Stacey states that she believes that we all have a stake in the matter when it comes to decision making. Stacey says that she is going to win the position because her plan is to give Georgians a reason to use the right to vote. Stacey Abrams says, “That’s our strategy. And it’s how we’re going to win.”

Willie Mae Samuel is a playwright and a director in Rome.

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