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GUEST COLUMN: Rudolph the Red-Nosed … Shark?

AS MY MIND WANDERS (which it is wont to do as the years pass by) to earlier Christmases, I think back to the strangest one I ever spent. There were no sleigh bells in the snow, no chestnuts roasting on an open fire, nor by a closed one either for that matter, nor Jack Frost nipping at my nose. That was because this particular Christmas I was on the island of Maui in Hawaii, where snow, ice, chestnuts roasting and Jack Frost nipping are pretty much unknown.

  • icon Posted: December 21

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Monday 12/15/2014
GUEST COLUMN: Taxpayers deserve a trade-off for City Center
Posted: December 15, 2014

It took six years, more than 1,000 signatures on a petition, multiple meetings with state and federal environmental regulators, untold phone calls and emails and considerable time and money, but in the end it appears the Coosa River Basin Initiative and citizen advocates have finally secured some measure of protection for wetlands threatened by the proposed City Center shopping center along Riverside Parkway.

GUEST COLUMN: Retrain police, abolish the grand juries
Posted: December 15, 2014

There was a day in my youth when my favorite uncle, Amos Pledger, was a Rome City cop. He was a great man and I called him “Unc.” He and one or two of his police officer friends were often present at his home when I would visit during the summer break from school.

Friday 12/12/2014
GUEST COLUMN: Spread joy this season instead of the flu
Posted: December 12, 2014

Give the gift of good health during this holiday season. Get your flu shot now, during National Influenza Vaccination Week.

GUEST COLUMN: Never asking for help, only opportunity
Posted: December 12, 2014

NEW YORK — Throughout this energized and electrifying city, there are countless neighborhood restaurants where you will find good food with a flair for the Old Country — which allows for adventure in the menu alone. Sometimes there is even more when you come to know the proprietor.

Thursday 12/11/2014
COLUMN: Online ordination finally put to good-ish use
Posted: December 11, 2014

From the calls and emails I’ve received since starting to write my column, it would appear that I’m going straight to hell.

COLUMN: Be excellent to each other
Updated: December 11, 2014 - 3:46 pm

Because today is my 32nd wedding anniversary I felt the need to write a column about being married. Yes, I know. That in itself is a mistake.

Wednesday 12/10/2014
GUEST COLUMN: Values that made our country great
Posted: December 10, 2014

Many of you probably know of the remarkable story of a nearly lost African American site in Cave Spring that was saved by kudzu. That site, the Fairview Colored School, was dug out by hand from underneath a sea of kudzu by alumni in 2010.

Monday 12/08/2014
GUEST COLUMN: 5 reforms to prevent another Ferguson
Posted: December 08, 2014

We can still ensure Michael Brown didn’t die in vain. In order to do so, we must take specific steps to ensure similar tragedies don’t keep occurring.

GUEST COLUMN: Love is a warm blanket
Posted: December 08, 2014

The “poncho liner” slipped off the bed and onto the floor at 4 a.m. It was October of 2010 and I was trying to get some sleep at Camp Ramadi in Iraq. Somehow during the night the climate control in my CHU (containerized housing unit) had reset itself to 56 degrees. There are few things worse than being cold and sleepless in a country thousands of miles from home, where a sizable chunk of the native population is armed and hostile.

Sunday 12/07/2014
GUEST COLUMN: We’ve lost 3 more good ones
Posted: December 07, 2014

WHEN YOU REACH MY AGE, your social life calendar consists mostly of doctor appointments and funerals. Last month in the period of about ten days, I lost three more good friends, and Rome lost three more leading citizens, Milton Tippin, Burr Ward, and Buddy Trueblood. Each was a really nice guy and a success in his field, and in his everyday life. In addition each had a great sense of humor and was well-loved by all who knew him.

Friday 12/05/2014
COLUMN: My life as a curmudgeon
Posted: December 05, 2014

I sadly realize that I have long been living in the “crotchety old man” stage of life.

GUEST COLUMN: The connections of home‑cooked meals
Posted: December 05, 2014

With a farm background, there has always been that warm affection for home-cooked meals. Having grown up with simple tastes, there was nothing that could top a menu that included peas, butterbeans, mashed potatoes and fried chicken.

Thursday 12/04/2014
COLUMN: Gym locker room a hotbed of conspiracy theorists
Updated: December 04, 2014 - 10:37 am

Depending on your political leanings, you may think the most outlandish, crazy conspiracy theories can be found on CNN or on Fox News. You might even think some other mainstream media outlet espouses the most ridiculous ideas. But you’d be wrong.

Tuesday 12/02/2014
GUEST COLUMN: The two-hole outhouse
Posted: December 02, 2014

I was looking though Facebook and someone had put a picture of an outhouse on it. They had asked the question “does anyone know what this is?” Of course I did, it was an outhouse.

GUEST COLUMN: The Ferguson grand jury was a farce
Posted: December 02, 2014

An old lawyer friend once said to me, “the grand jury is the last vestige of the Star Chamber,” referring to a secretive court in the late Middle Ages. He went on, saying “in the hands of the wrong prosecutor, one bent on destroying lives or seeking notoriety, it is a mighty weapon.”

Friday 11/28/2014
Venezuela, China go in opposite directions when it comes to capitalism
Posted: November 28, 2014

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, whose country has the world’s highest inflation and Latin America’s lowest economic growth, has just convened a “World Conference on the Crisis of Capitalism” for early 2015. He should invite Chinese leader Xi Jinping as the keynote speaker.

Thursday 11/27/2014
GUEST COLUMN: Giving a name to gratitude
Posted: November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Yes, the scent memories of Christmas wake the child in me as they do most people. But Thanksgiving calls to something different altogether. Something more reverential.

COLUMN: An Esom Hill Thanksgiving: To be or not to be?
Posted: November 27, 2014

For years I’ve been attending family get-togethers and all major holidays in Esom Hill. But that may change this year, and it’s a little bittersweet.

Wednesday 11/26/2014
COLUMN: Look for a pet at animal control
Updated: November 30, 2014 - 2:03 am

Over a year ago, my boss first sent me with one of our interns to take pictures of a few pets at the Floyd County Animal Control shelter. I went overboard and took pictures of all the creatures in cages, and updated my personal Facebook page with every precious potential pet up for adoption.

COLUMN: Support your local artists
Updated: November 30, 2014 - 2:03 am

I think people would be amazed to realize the undiscovered, local talent there is in Rome.

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