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A trip to Target results in delicious tacos

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Severo Avila

Severo Avila is Features Editor at the Rome News-Tribune.

Now y'all know I generally like to keep my column pretty local. Occasionally I'll venture out to Esom Hill or to Rockmart when I talk about my family, but for the most part I like to talk about life in and around Rome and Floyd County.

Well for this column I need to go a little farther away. I always love trying new places to eat and while there are some pretty great food options in Rome, sometimes we find ourselves in Cartersville for one reason or another.

I was there Sunday evening to go to Target — because Rome needs a Target and we don't have one — and I met my friend Heather there. When we were leaving she asked if I was hungry because she hadn't eaten yet and was too lazy to go home and cook for her husband and child.

Her son had already eaten and her husband is a grown man. He can fend for himself.

She suggested a food truck not far from the Target that both of us had seen but never visited.

Now this is sort of an unusual setup for a food truck.

The truck itself is called Tacos Jaliscos. It's a Mexican food truck. It's parked next to a building that used to be a restaurant. Heather said she thinks a KFC used to be there.

Anyhow, the truck is parked immediately beside the restaurant. You order at the window of the truck and when you get your food, you can go inside this building that's set up for you to eat there, just not for them to cook there. It's very odd.

I don't want to speculate as to why they wouldn't just cook inside the building but I'm sure there's a very good reason for it.

So, like most other Mexican food places, the truck offered tacos, burritos, chalupas and a few other items. As I've mentioned in previous columns, I'm a sucker for authentic or "street" tacos. You can get 'em with a variety of meat including chicken, carne asada and steak but my absolute favorite is "pastor" which is a seasoned pork.

So I order three tacos and we go inside the building to wait.

Like I said, I think the building used to be a restaurant so it was odd going in and sitting at these nice, clean little tables waiting for food to be prepared OUTSIDE.

While we waited, we could see the television sets on the walls showing a VERY dramatic Spanish-language soap opera. I have no clue what was being said but apparently someone named Alicia was cheating on her husband, the much older Don Jorge. In the scene we were watching, Don Jorge bursts dramatically into the room where Alicia and her gentleman caller were embracing which prompted the gentleman to hide behind a plant.

I don't know how this scene was resolved because through the window of the building we saw the lady in the food truck waving at us because our orders were ready.

So we go outside to get the food from her and then go back inside to eat it. There was a little station set up inside with all the sauces and pico-de-gallo and lime and napkins and cutlery.

Y'all those were some darn good tacos al pastor. I've had authentic tacos at several locations and these were among the best. I paid just over $5 for three delicious authentic tacos with meat falling out of them.

For those who care, the place had a very good health score and it was posted prominently on the wall. But as you may have guessed I'm not big on health scores. I've eaten at some places that had low scores and the food was fantastic and I didn't die.

Anyhow, I don't know how many people work at Tacos Jaliscos but at least on Sunday night it seemed like this lady working there was doing everything. She took our orders then prepared the food and when everyone was done she was cleaning off the tables. I applaud her. If you go, please tip her well.

So if you're over in Cartersville give Tacos Jaliscos a shot. It's right off 411 on that little feeder road to the left that takes you to Target.

And bring me back a taco or two, if you don't mind.

Severo Avila is features editor for the Rome News-Tribune