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GUEST EDITORIAL: Sustaining Israel

With attention in the Middle East focused now on the Islamic State and its opponents, the Israelis are behaving as if they can disregard world opinion, particularly by refraining from talks with the Palestinians.

  • icon Posted: October 22

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Tuesday 10/21/2014
Rick McKee Cartoon
Posted: October 21, 2014

By Rick McKee, The Augusta Chronicle

GUEST EDITORIAL: Like all presidents, Obama disappoints
Posted: October 21, 2014

All presidents disappoint. It comes with the job, the unreasonable expectations Americans have for their presidents, and the inherent conflict and disconnect between campaigning (promising people all they can have) and governing (explaining to people why they won’t get it).

Monday 10/20/2014
GUEST COLUMN: That’s why he didn’t get the job
Posted: October 20, 2014

“YOU BOTH MISSED ONLY THE last question on our employment test,” the employment manager told the two friends who were applying for the same job. “But we’ve decided to hire Mr. A (not his real name).”

Clay Bennett Cartoon
Posted: October 20, 2014

By Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press

GUEST EDITORIAL: Delving into politicians’ personal lives not necessarily for the best
Posted: October 20, 2014

Gary Hart’s downfall in the run-up to the 1988 presidential election marked an important milestone on a journalistic arc that began with Watergate. Where, previously, the media fast track was greased by befriending politicians, now it was enhanced by bringing them down. Ever since, nothing has been out of bounds for media outlets large and small. Consider Kansas.

Sunday 10/19/2014
LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Shame on hospital thief
Posted: October 19, 2014

We were at Floyd Medical Center one day in September be-cause I had to have surgery for bladder cancer. This is a major operation and, altogether, both surgery and recovery times added up to almost nine hours straight.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vann cabin part of rich history
Posted: October 19, 2014

Chieftains Museum/ Major Ridge Home is pleased to welcome the Vann Cherokee Cabin as another official Trail of Tears site in Floyd County.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: “Wage gap” stems from choices
Posted: October 19, 2014

The Oct. 6 column by Kenneth Fuller entitled, “Do Re-publicans Disrespect Women?” is an obvious piece of one-sided, partisan rhetoric.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Redmond warms a heart
Posted: October 19, 2014

I recently was hospitalized at Redmond Regional Medical Center for heart surgery and was amazed at the care I received.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hufstetler right on Medicaid expansion
Posted: October 19, 2014

State Sen. Chuck Hufstetler was recently honored by the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute for his courageous cosponsorship of legislation to expand Georgia Medicaid to working-age people.

Mike Lester Cartoon
Posted: October 19, 2014

By Mike Lester, Washington Post Writers Group

Friday 10/17/2014
LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Bible foretells this collapse
Posted: October 17, 2014

The Oct. 2 guest editorial, “As crises flare in Iraq and Syria, Putin presses,” said the Russian president’s border war can’t compete with the Mideast threats.

COLUMN: Killing the goose that laid the golden egg
Posted: October 17, 2014

If I had to pick the greatest moment in sports in my lifetime, it would have to be when the U.S. hockey team defeated the Soviet Union in the 1980 Winter Olympics.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Marine still held in Mexico
Posted: October 17, 2014

Contrast Bowe Bergdahl, a traitor by any measure, and Andrew Tahmooressi, a decorated two-term Marine with honorable service in Afghanistan suffering from PTSD. What is the difference? The Mexicans are not asking for the release of terrorists from Guantanamo!

GUEST COLUMN: Laughter is good for your health
Posted: October 17, 2014

Some people just make you laugh. Not talking about stand-up comedians, although good ones — those who don’t belong to the nasty mouth club — can provide enlivening entertainment. My spirits have been boosted by routines in Las Vegas, but sometimes you leave a show in the desert insulted by language which makes you think you have just left a boatswain’s mate convention.

GUEST EDITORIAL: America’s biggest crisis is lack of confidence
Posted: October 17, 2014

After the disappointments of the Bush years and the Obama years, many Americans aren’t sure where next to turn. Faith in Congress has collapsed. Faith in bureaucrats is nonexistent. Yet, the crises keep on coming.

GUEST EDITORIAL: Immigration reality check
Posted: October 17, 2014

It’s clear that President Barack Obama didn’t make good on his threat to take executive action on immigration reform because he was convinced it would hurt his party in next month’s elections, giving Republicans control of the Senate.

Thursday 10/16/2014
COLUMN: I have found the fabled land of milk and honey, and it is called Sam’s Club
Posted: October 16, 2014

This past weekend I was shown a magical land of plenty. As if in a dream I was whisked away to a place of wonderment — a veritable land of milk and honey. It is called Sam’s Club.

Mike Lester Cartoon
Posted: October 16, 2014

By Mike Lester, Washington Post Writers Group

GUEST EDITORIAL: Too many see only black or white
Posted: October 16, 2014

Before becoming a columnist, I was the night police reporter, and I used to spend a lot of time with cops. We’d often go to small chop suey joints on the city’s north side.

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