Rome Police Department

A woman claims she was raped by a bondsman at his office after she was bailed out of jail Monday afternoon, reports stated.

According to Rome police reports:

The woman reported the rape to police early Tuesday morning, when she was taken to Floyd Medical Center as part of sexual assault protocol — her clothes were taken into evidence.

The woman was arrested Monday afternoon on a driving under the influence of drugs charge. Shortly after being booked at the jail, she called a local bonding company. After being released, the bondsman asked her for $185. She went with him back to his office, where she was told she needed to fill out paperwork. Once inside his office, the man moved furniture in front of the exit door. The woman said it was dark inside and hard for her to see.

The woman said the man told her he “had tried to get with her” when he saw in her in South Rome previously, but “now he had his chance.” The woman told police she was raped twice. After the incident, she was taken to check on her car before being taken home.

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