Amanda Jean Nails

Amanda Jean Nails

A Rome woman with three previous methamphetamine-related convictions was sentenced to life on a meth trafficking charge Thursday.

Floyd County Superior Court Judge Kay Ann Wetherington sentenced 34-year-old Amanda Jean Nails to the life term, to serve 25 years in prison, after a jury found her and Adam Kane Wright guilty of the trafficking charge as well as obstruction and theft by receiving charges.

Wright was sentenced to 30 years, to serve 15 in prison.

Under Georgia law, a judge can sentence a person to a life term in prison on a second or subsequent sale or possession with intent to distribute of a Schedule I or II controlled substance. Meth is a Schedule II controlled substance.

According to a court records and Assistant District Attorney Luke Martin:

On Nov. 25, 2018, Nails, Wright and another man were in a car on Turner McCall Boulevard when a Rome police officer attempted to pull them over for weaving in and out of a lane. As a chase ensued they threw a stolen .38 caliber pistol as well as 45 grams of methamphetamine out the window.

Police later found the car abandoned, although Wright’s cellphone was still in the vehicle.

Through footwork and information they gathered from the phone they were able to find Nails and Wright. Police determined the other man was only a bystander in the incident.

Nails was also recently arrested in a Rome-Floyd Metro Task Force raid in May where a man opened fire on officers executing a search warrant at her Kingston Avenue home.

According to police, Michael Lee Spears began shooting at police.

A Floyd County police officer returned fire and shot Spears.

According to Floyd County Jail reports, Nails was present at the incident and charged with possession of a weapon by a convicted felon after the firearm was found inside her home.

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